Christmas time

Some years ago, I attended a workshop about treasure hunts and webquests given by Isabel Pérez.This is the treasure hunt I created for my students.They still like it.

If you want to know what people around the world do in order to celebrate Christmas..what they eat, their customs,traditions,special the web-sites and with the help of the links provided try to answer the following questions:

1.What do people eat on Christmas Eve in Brazil?
2.When did the custom of sending Christmas cards start in Britain?
3.How is Father Christmas called in Belgium and when does he bring presents to children?
4.What do people do on Christmas Eve in Egypt?
5.What do people do before eating Christmas dinner in Finland?
6.Do Iranian people have Christmas? What do they celebrate? What is it about?
7.Why is Christmas special to the majority of Australians?
8.What do Latvians believe about Father Christmas?
9.How is Christmas celebrated in India?
10.The Christmas tree is a popular tradition in Germany, When did it start?

To finish with, Why don´t you write an e-mail to someone living in one of the above countries?
Tell him/her briefly about your Christmas and send him/her an e-card with your own Christmas message.


Christmas in India
Santa´s net

The holiday spot

legend or myth

Christmas Project

Christmas around the world

Christmas in Egypt

Christmas traditions

Christmas in Australia


1.Christmas cards

2.Christmas cards

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