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Famous films (2). Mind mapping

As I promised in a previous post, here you have some of my students' works:


Paula y Raquel

Pablo y Borja

Mindmapping is really useful in teaching and learning. It reflects the way the brain works and can help students organize their ideas.
Mind maps were developed by Tony Buzan who "wanted to know how to use the brain most effectively in order to cope with all the learning we have to do".

They are a powerful tool for:

-taking notes
-doing a project
-writing an essay
-new vocabulary
-summarizing information
-giving a presentation
-explaining grammar
And many more..

How to do it?

Write the main idea or topic in the middle of the page, start a main branch on a new line radiating out from the key word and add some other ideas on smaller lines coming off the main branches.
It is a good idea to use lines, colours, arrows, pictures or some other way of showing connections between the ideas generated on your mind map; by personalising it with your own symbols and designs it will be easier for you to understand and remember things.

For further information:

Maximise the Power of Your Brain - Tony Buzan MIND MAPPING

For creating a mind map



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Press clipping

Good article, isn't it? Written by a good student as well!

I'd like to thank Antonio Solano for this fun link
Great idea to use other such interisting links in order to motivate our students to do their homework, don't you agree?

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Famous films

We must encourage our students to participate in our classes. Activities, tasks, projects... should be designed bearing in mind their different styles and preferences.People learn in different ways and by providing our students varied inputs relating to different senses and different intelligence types (click on multiple intelligence), we will be offering them more effective learning opportunities.
The other day, we were talking about films and they did this activity that has to do with visual intelligence 

They had to:
-identify the films above
-say what kind of films they are
-choose one and write about its plot, main characters and review.

Once they have done it, they will create a mind map about films just here

They will include:
-different types of films
-films posters
-a link to Wikipedia
-another link to a site with interesting information (plot summary, video clip...)
-their opinion

Students' works coming soon.

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