Healthy living

(By Evelyn Niederer)

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The true meaning of Christmas

Watch the following videos


Now, it's your turn. What does Christmas mean to you?

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First Transnational meeting

Last week, our partners from Romania and Poland came to Málaga (Spain) for our first Transnational meeting.
For several days, we were talking about the project in detail and without a doubt, we make a good team; we really enjoyed working and being together. A very fruitful meeting sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions.
Here you are some pictures of their stay in Málaga and the meeting schedule we planned for their visit.


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Halloween and All Saints' Day

Talking about our own festivals and those ones which  have been incorporated to our culture, we told students to work in teams and give a presentation in class comparing Halloween and All Saints' Day.
They must pay special attention to :
-When they take place.
-What they celebrate
-What people do.
-Typical food.

 Useful links:

Food for thought: Are we losing our national identity by celebrating festivals which are not original of our own country?We'll discuss about it in class.

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