Lip synching

In order to say goodbye to Kerry, I told my students to lip synch to a song and make a video about it.
Have a look at some of them!!

Cool, aren't they?

Well, I'm going to make the most of this post to say goodbye to you as well...

 See you in September!!

Have a nice summer and ... take care!

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Literature in the time of WhatsApp

My friend and college, José Luis Gamboa and I have been working together on another project concerning  English and Spanish literature (how strange!) during the last term of our school year.

The main aim of this project has been not only to encourage imagination and creativity but also to improve reading, writing and speaking skills.
As far as we are concerned, we have been reading about The Brönte family, Charlotte, Emily, Ann…but on this occasion the students have played the role of the different characters; they have been able to express their feelings and emotions and the story about their lives has been retold from their own point of view.
We have been using WhatsApp and Twitter, social networks that are familiar to all of us, WhatsApp for the project, Twitter to communicate with one another.
In short, we wanted them to get involved in the knowledge creation process by working together and go a bit further so as to achieve meaningful learning.

Very proud of our students since our project was considered to be an example of good practice and a poster about it was displayed at The Official Doctors School in Málaga during a course on "Good practices at school"

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An opinion essay

When writing an opinion essay, we present our point of view on a particular topic and try to convince the readers that our opinion is the best one. That's why we must include reasons and examples that support our view.

Paragraph plan

Useful language

In my opinion, ... / In my view.../ From my point of view
It seems to me that ...
I think that ... / I consider that .../ I believe that ... /I feel that ...
As I see it ... / As far as I'm concerned ...
I  (strongly/ completely) agree/ disagree with ..
As for ...
It's clear (to me) that / It's obvious that ...
If you ask me ...
I'm sure/ convinced that ...

Linking words and expressions

Use them in order to connect your ideas and show how they are related to one another.


                                                          Studying languages at school   

Studying languages at school is very important from my point of view.

English and French, for example, are different from subjects like Maths or Chemistry. As I see it, they are funnier and more dynamic.

Some people think that languages are boring or useless. Maybe, they are just not interested, and that’s the point. It seems to me that you have to be motivated to learn, and that happens with everything in life.

It’s clear that learning languages gives you a lot of opportunities in your life. In my opinion, it’s very useful. For example, if you can speak English you’ll have more chances to get a job here in Spain, or maybe you can apply for a job in the UK or the USA.

Personally, I believe that the teachers should use games and funny activities related to languages to motivate the students.

In conclusion, studying languages is essential for our future and, at the same time, we can have much fun.

(By Luis Blain)

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A for and against essay

In this kind of composition, we write about the pros and cons of a topic, which is considered to be controversial, and conclude summarising the main arguments and/or giving our personal opinion  by supporting one of the sides.

Paragraph plan

Useful language

On the one hand,...
On the other hand,
There are arguments on both sides...
There are several arguments in favour of ...
The question is ... 
One advantage of ... Another advantage is ...
In theory, ....; in practice ...

Linking words and expressions

Use them in order to connect your ideas and show how they are related to one another.


                                                 Living up to 100 years old of age

More and more new products are being invented to reduce aging. But, can we really slow aging?. I think that living up to 100 years of age has more disadvantages than advantages.

On the one hand, when you are old, everything is more complicated and you tend to get sick easily.
It is also possible for us to be present at the death of other relatives. This is very sad.

On the other hand, living up to 100 years old also has advantages, you are part of the oldest people in the world!. In addition, you could meet most of your family such as your great-grandchildren.

In conclusion, it would be interesting to live more than 100 years old as long as you can have a good physical and mental health.

(By Salvador Muñoz)

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The power of kindness

We can make the world a better place by spreading kindness. Do you agree?
Let's watch the video and talk about what people do and the positive effects of their actions. 

Now, think about yourself and tell us about the last time you did an "act of kindness". What happened? What did you do? How did you feel after ?.

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