Social Media

While some may argue that social networking tools, like Twitter and Facebook, are a waste of time, and others consider them to be innocent fun, there are a few people who would say these innovations are so much more. For example, one woman saved her friend from home invaders after seeing a plea for help on Facebook, while another was rescued by emergency personnel after tweeting for help when she was injured and lost in the woods. Learn about seven real-life cases where a tweet, status update or an application was a lifesaver.

How important are social media to you? How do you use the internet and social media? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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IES La Rosaleda Bilingual Blog

I'm going to coordinate the Bilingual project at my school and this is the blog we have created as a meeting point for teachers and students in order to share experiences, resources and useful information. We really hope it can be of help and interest to all of us and we encourage you to drop by. Any suggestions or feedback will be very welcome!.

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Free time activities

The beginning of the course has been very eventful and a bit stressful, but here I am, again, looking forward to blogging!. Let's start with some posters the students have made recently concerning leisure time.
(Nacho del Arco)

                          (Nacho del Arco)                                                        (Amanda Peña)

                                                         (Sebastián Puche)                                                                             

Images taken from Wikipedia and Flickr

By the way, welcome to a new school year!

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Lip synching

In order to say goodbye to Kerry, I told my students to lip synch to a song and make a video about it.
Have a look at some of them!!

Cool, aren't they?

Well, I'm going to make the most of this post to say goodbye to you as well...

 See you in September!!

Have a nice summer and ... take care!

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Literature in the time of WhatsApp

My friend and college, José Luis Gamboa and I have been working together on another project concerning  English and Spanish literature (how strange!) during the last term of our school year.

The main aim of this project has been not only to encourage imagination and creativity but also to improve reading, writing and speaking skills.
As far as we are concerned, we have been reading about The Brönte family, Charlotte, Emily, Ann…but on this occasion the students have played the role of the different characters; they have been able to express their feelings and emotions and the story about their lives has been retold from their own point of view.
We have been using WhatsApp and Twitter, social networks that are familiar to all of us, WhatsApp for the project, Twitter to communicate with one another.
In short, we wanted them to get involved in the knowledge creation process by working together and go a bit further so as to achieve meaningful learning.

Very proud of our students since our project was considered to be an example of good practice and a poster about it was displayed at The Official Doctors School in Málaga during a course on "Good practices at school"

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