Let's talk about immigration

Dealing with the topic of immigration, these are the activities we will be carrying out:

1. We'll have a discussion about the topic with help of the cards below.

2. In international teams, make up a rap. Be sure to include the ideas and thoughts shared in class.
3. As we'd like you to empathize with immigrants to your country, imagine that you and your family  have to leave your country for good and write a brief composition about it.

(Reasons for leaving, where you are going to live, how you are feeling, what you will miss about your country, your expectations about the new place, how you would like to be treated, what you will do over there ...)

Please, leave your writing in the comments!

4. Search the internet for famous quotations about positive immigration, write them on a piece of coloured card and pin them to the UniDiversity board.

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EYCH Label for UniDiversity

Good news!! Our Erasmus + project has been granted the European Year of Cultural Heritage label. UniDiversity fulfils the award criteria of the EYCH label since our initiative can contribute to the achievement of one or more of the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, as endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU in Article 2 of the legal decision calling for the EYCH.

  Congratulations to UniDiversity team on making it possible!!!

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First Mobility of UniDiversity in Satu Mare (Romania)

La Rosaleda high school was in the Romanian city of Satu Mare from 5th to 10th of March to develop UniDiversity project under the plan Erasmus+ KA2. Six students of La Rosaleda spent a week in Satu Mare with students of the host high school, Teoretic German "Johann Ettinger" Liceum, and the Polish partner, International European School of Warsaw.
The aim of UniDiversity project is to build bridges between the different cultures and way of life of Poland, Romania and Spain. During a week the six students of La Rosaleda performed workshops and different activities in order to emphasize the links between our countries and to learn about the differences.
The workshops were dedicated to show to the other partners the traditions, customs and feasts of each country so that the students learn more about the culture of other countries of the European Union. For instance, each high school played folk songs, cooked typical food and spoke about the local celebrations of their respective nations.
The presence of the Spanish students did not go unnoticed. The major of Satu Mare recognized the importance of UniDiversity project with a warm reception in the City hall, the local newspaper Informatia Zilei published an article describing the project and a regional TV broadcasted a flashmob made by the students of the three high schools.



Our Activities Program over there


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"Open Doors" Day at IES La Rosaleda

In March, the "Open doors" day was held at school. Over two thousand students from different schools from Málaga and nearby towns visited us. Many activities were carried out in order to show them our school facilities as well as give them information about all the educational options they are offered. Of course, we took advantage of such an important event and students told the visitors about our bilingual studies and  our European  Erasmus + project, UniDiversity.
They also shared their feelings and experience in Romania on the occasion of the first mobility of teachers and students  in this amazing country.

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Trip to Edinburgh

The linguistic immersion this year was to Edinburgh and once again it has been a success. We  practised English so, our language skills have been improved a lot and we also had great fun.
By the way, have you ever been to Edinburgh? If you haven't, you should. A city full of magic and charm. A must place!
Have a look at the video!

Trip contract
Treasure hunt
Treasure hunt key
Day trip

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Time capsule

I know it's a pretty old video but I'm a fan of this stand up comedian and it can be useful for the activities I would like you to do.
Watch it, please and answer the questions below:

  1. What items does Ellen DeGeneres keep in her time capsule?
  2. What things would you put into your own time capsule?
  3. Where would you  bury it?
  4. When would you like to open it? 
Give reasons for your answers, please!

Via Mogea

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Restaurant reviews


Go to this awesome website, Tripadvisor, and have a look at some real restaurant reviews.
Then, do the following activities:
1. Choose three restaurants and write a review of them (focus mainly on service, good value and specialities). Which one would you most like to eat? 
2. Think of a city you would like to visit and look for a good restaurant over there. Which one did you choose? Why? Make a poster with a picture of the restaurant and write some of the reviews.

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