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The Blog that José Luis and I have with our students from Bachillerato on Spanish and English literature has been nominated for the Edublogs awards. So happy about it! We've been working hard throughout the course and just being finalists is already a prize, never mind if we don't win.

Congratulations to the other blogs and good luck!

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Women in the Middle Ages

When I read about this Webquest on Mar Gallego's blog, I found it so appealing that I told my students to work on it as an optional task. Some of them volunteered and here, some of their projects.

My students' opinions?:
 -a very interesting topic to work on. 
 -you learn a lot about what happened at that period.
 -enjoyable to do.
 -it makes you think.

Yes, a great job. It's understandable it has been given an award by La Consejería de Educación.

Thanks to my students for their work and thanks to Mar Gallego,Isabel Alonso Hernández,and Francisco Ponce Capitán for sharing their webquest with us.

And don't forget to have a look at it! It's worth working on it!

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