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Summer holidays!

Look forward to a holiday!

We're all going on a summer holiday
no more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
no more worries for me or you,
for a week or two.

We're going where the sun shines brightly
we're going where the sea is blue.
we've all seen it on the movies,
now let's see if it's true.

Everybody has a summer holiday
doin' things they always wanted to
So we're going on a summer holiday,
to make our dreams come true
for me and you.
for me and you.

I'll see you in September, have a nice summer and take care!

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Robinson Crusoe in four pictures

I would like to post here all the works my students from Bachillerato have done about some English books we have read during the course.
Let's start with Robinson Crusoe

The written project

Some activities created by the students:

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We got it!

Yes, third prize for Enredando en el instituto at the Espiral Edublogs Awards 2010. Quite excited about it and very proud of our students who have made a great effort throughout the course. They have worked hard and they deserved it.

Rosa, José Luis and I went to Madrid to pick up the bronze spinning top and it was a fantastic experience:
. An opening interesting talk by Alfonso Alcántara and a very emotional ceremony on being given the awards.
. Marcos Cadenato from "Tres tizas" (blog I love and follow) was there, I didn't know him personally and I met him at last!
. Víctor Cuevas was over there as well! another blogger I have been following for a long time.
. I made new friends, lovely people and great teachers who are making a difference in their classes: Massimo Pennesi, Estrella López, Diego Sobrino, José Hernández, Ana Mariño, Juan Ignacio Castro and Manuel Alonso Rosa.

After this event and experience, there's absolutely no doubt about the right track to follow. Education is changing and fortunately, there's no turning back, it's unstoppable.

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