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Jason Mraz. I'm yours.

My very good friend Ana told me about this song and I loved it. Sing along and enjoy!

Song lyrics

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Ready to get started?

Hello everybody!
How are you? Very happy to get back to work after an enjoyable and restful holiday. What about you? Did you have a nice summer? Well, I hope so, because it's time to start working!. We've got many activities to do, graded readers to read and projects to work on!.
Do you remember our project on the 18th century? this year we'll focus on the 19th century, from 1800 to 1832 and we'll see some romantic writers such as Keats, Shelley, Lord Byron, Mary Shelly, Jane Austen, Allan Poe etc..
Would you like to see what we are going to do? Have a look at our wiki. I think it's going to be quite interesting , we'll have good fun and I'm sure you'll like it. By the way, here you are the new blog we've already set up for the Romantic age, cool, isn't it?.
So, are you ready to get started?

Let's begin with this reading comprehension. Don't forget to click on the picture in order to make it bigger and be able to do the exercise.

Are these statements true or false?

1. This is an e-mail that Nina is writing to Alison.
a)True b) False.

2. She has been to Rome recently and has just come back from Portugal.
a)True b) False.

3. She is quite disappointed about having spent all her savings on this trip to Portugal.
a)True b) False.

4. The beaches remain unspoilt by the tourism.
a)True b) False.

5. She thinks that Portuguese people are lovely but she doesn’t like their food very much.
a)True b) False.

6. She was in a hotel just five minutes’ walk from the beach and very close to the town.
a)True b) False.

7. She hardly ever went to the town in the evenings.
a)True b) False.

8. She is a bit worried about her friend since there’s no way to be in touch with her.
a)True b) False.

What about you? Where did you go in summer? What did you do? Did you have a good time? Come on, go ahead and leave your comments here!

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