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English and tourism

My students start blogging! I'm so pleased with them!

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Talking about holidays

The students had to do an assigment for the class concerning their favourite holiday and including the following information:
Kind of holiday
Means of transport
Value for money

Background music from Jamendo

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Designing itineraries

Another project my students prepared for the class was the design of a package tour. They had to make decisions about:

  • The name of the tour
  • Different possible dates
  • When and where it begins and ends
  • Places to visit
  • Type of accomodation
  • Places to overnight in
  • Services and meal included in the price
  • Activities
  • Basic price ...

Here, two amazing sample itineraries by Celine Fernández and Rosa Gaitán, respectively.

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Charles Dickens

Following a proposal made by Juan Ignacio Castro via twitter, we have carried out some projects so as to celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens's birth.
We hope you like them!

(By María Leal)

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