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When talking about tourism, surveys play an important role, since they give us the opportunity to get to know our clients' likes, preferences and their opinions about different services with the aim of trying to improve them depending on the information collected through this kind of research.
That's why one of the projects for the English class in the VTC in Travel Agency was get the students to produce a questionnaire and ask travellers to answer it so that they could also practice questionnaire tactics and polite questions, but due to lack of time we had to make do with just the first part... next school year, perhaps.

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A bit of English. The Terminal

"A bit of English" is an interesting site to learn English. You can find videos with subtitles, songs, online lessons, tips...
Here, you can watch some excerpts from the film The Terminal starring Tom Hanks.
The film is about a man trapped at New York's John International Airport F. Kennedy when he is denied entry into The United States and he can not return to his country due to a revolution.
I think it can be useful for you to revise vocabulary and structures concerning airports.
Click on the image and enjoy!

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