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Learning languages

"Nowadays, learning languages is necessary for our lives. Every day, English is more and more used and spoken worldwide. 

In my opinion, English is essential for business. A lot of companies have employees from different countries, so English is the language used among them. In addition, a person who speaks different languages will have more advantages to find a job. Besides, there are many people who have to emigrate to get a job and they need to speak the foreign language fluently .
Moreover, English is important to communicate with people, when we travel abroad, we can speak in shops, hotels, restaurants…

In short, it is important to study languages. Learning a new language is fun. It doesn't have to be something stressful. It depends on your willpower and motivation".
                                                                                     (By Patricia Del Pino)

What do you think?  Should everyone learn different foreign languages? Should we study them at school instead of subjects such as Religious Education, Music, Art, Physical Education...? What subjects should we study at school since we are children?

Image taken from Intef

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                 4. CONFIRMING THE BOOKING

                                                                6.  E-MAIL

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Life in Britain in the 20th century

Here my students' contributions to our collaborative project on the 20th century: videos on what British life was like in the twentieth century.

Medicine and new discoveries

Economic situation. How people used to live at that period.

Food and drinks.

The most important events concerning women.



 Leisure time.


One of the main objetives of our project is to get students to become autonomous in their learning and be aware of what they are doing. For this reason we also recorded a video in which they tell us their opinion about their contributions.

(In Spanish)

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