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IES La Rosaleda Bilingual Blog

I'm going to coordinate the Bilingual program at my school and this is the blog we have created as a meeting point for teachers and students in order to share experiences, resources and useful information. We really hope it can be of help and interest to all of us and we encourage you to drop by. Any suggestions or feedback will be very welcome!.

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Free time activities

The beginning of the course has been very eventful and a bit stressful, but here I am, again, looking forward to blogging!. Let's start with some posters the students have made recently concerning leisure time.
(Nacho del Arco)

                          (Nacho del Arco)                                                        (Amanda Peña)

                                                         (Sebastián Puche)                                                                             

Images taken from Wikipedia and Flickr

By the way, welcome to a new school year!

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