Talking about myself                 An important person in my life                      Eating out 
The power of kindness     Talking about holidays      My last holiday    My best holiday
Fashion and shopping        My wardrobe           Transports          What are you good at? 

Films and books reviews            El sueño del celta           Thinner             Debate in class 

TV programmes             Making a decision              Telephone calls                 Texting (1) 

Texting (2)         Leaving a message          Leaving a message (exercise)         Invitations

Asking for information                Inviting someone out               Making an appointment  

       What's the meaning of Christmas?                       Christmas traditions around the world

Online generation  The extraordinary English learner  The benefits of learning English

Learning languages        The time capsule (conditionals)        Tips for describing photos

Unusual food     Weird restaurants     Horoscopes     Cutbacks          Welcoming a visitor

Booking a hotel room   Digital Storytelling   An amazing experience      My best holiday

 Inviting friends for a meal         My wonders         Their future plans         Where we live
Introductions    A visit to Gibraltar    A day off     Why do people travel?   Famous films 
Appearances can be deceptive      New tecnologies and conditionals

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