Main points in Travel Agency course    Pre-job skills in Vocational training courses

Get that job                                        Europass                            CVs and cover letters

How well do you know your world?           A very smart child                 Destinations
Geobeats            An interactive tour of The Alhambra              Why do people travel?

Foreign women coming for a fertility treatment    Holidays      My favourite holiday

What do you like and dislike about travelling?         My most uncomfortable journey

Places we have been to                                       What country would you like to visit?
What's your favourite means of transport?                                    Telephone language

Taking a telephone booking               Booking a hotel room             Booking a holiday

How did you book your holiday?             Designing itineraries          Cultural itinerary

Destinations                                                   Have you ever been on a package holiday?

Would you like to go on a package holiday?     Route of Sherlock Holmes in QR code 

A visit to the airport                       Enquiry letters                               Job interview tips
Role playing job interview (1)                                        Role playing a job interview (2)

Surveys                                  Brochures                            A bit of English. The terminal 

Hotels (1)              Hotels (2)           A visit to Gibraltar            Gibraltar. "Hot potatoes"  

E-mail. "Hot potatoes"                               Oral exam                         Tourist information

The making of (2007)                    The making of ( 2008)

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