A foreigner in Britain

On the third term, we have read A foreigner in Britain .

The main character visits different places in England, Wales and Scotland and tells us about their customs, traditions, festivals. After reading it I suggested to my students that they do a powerpoint presentation about the places that appear in the book. They didn´t have to do it, just if they wanted ... but almost all of them have done it and what is more they also want me to upload all their projects!!

You can see Juan´s presentation below.


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2 Responses to A foreigner in Britain

  1. Anonymous says:

    My name is MaJosé and I´m an English teacher too. I like this blog, it is quite interesting and...you know, my students also read `A Foreigner in Britain´ last term and they loved it! The presentation of the story in Power Point made by your students is an excellent idea! My students worked passives, relatives...by means of presentations in Power Point too. Thanks for such an interesting idea!
    See you!

  2. Thanks a lot, MªJosé. Glad to know that it can be of some help.

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