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Hot Potatoes

Estoy haciendo un cursillo de "Hot Potatoes". Me habían comentado que siguiendo el tutorial era fácil aprender su manejo y diseñar las actividades de forma autodidacta. Sin embargo, no dispongo de mucho tiempo y sobre todo, me encantan los cursos del CNICE. Son exhaustivos, están bien organizados y los tutores llevan a cabo un trabajo muy profesional; al menos, esa ha sido mi experiencia hasta ahora.
No sabía cómo publicar mi primer ejercicio en el blog y para ello he seguido las estupendas indicaciones que Alejandro Valero expone en su blog. Desde aquí, le doy las gracias.Seguramente, lo podría hacer mejor, pero...poco a poco.

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A very smart child

Learning where different countries from all over the world are located on a map is quite a simple issue, even for a little child. Don't you believe me?
Then, watch this:

Wow!. Now, it's your turn!

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Real English

This is the third school year that my students go to Málaga Airport to carry out a survey about travelling.
The main aim of this assignment is to collect information so as to find out why people travel. Well, I'm not telling you the truth... the real aim is to get them to speak English. By asking different people questions concerning their trips, they have a great chance to use English outside the class; face to face interviews make them practice what they have been learning. They love this activity and that´s another reason to do it every year.
The full activity is here .
This time they have gone a bit further, most of them recorded videos of the interviews. Students never stop surprising me.

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