Happy summer!

This summer we are thinking of going to Portugal again. Yes, again, we love this country.
Two years ago, we travelled to Lisbon, a charming and magic place you shouldn't miss. Last year we went to Vila Nova de Milfontes, a beautiful town on the Southwest coast, with little tourism and fascinating long and sandy beaches which are still unspoilt . Ideal for a family trip and for anyone looking for a relaxing and quiet holiday. You can't miss it either. And this year? well, we would like to go to the North, Aveiro, Porto, Bragança, Coimbra, Viana de Castelo. We have been said they are amazing places. I'll let you know.

This video about Lisbon is taken from Geobeats, an interesting site about destinations from all over the world. Hundred of worldwide filmmakers and hosts show us their cities and tell us about landmarks, activities, art, food, shoopping, nightlife, festivals, people...
Really useful for preparing activities for students and above all for those ones studying tourism and get them to know other places and cultures.

And, What about you? What are you doing this summer?, Are you going anywhere on holiday? Well, whatever you do or wherever you go have a nice summer and enjoy ! I'll see you in September!

Take care


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