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Signing goodbye

Colours in ASL

Are there many differences between American and Spanish sign language? And between American and International sign language?

Watch this fantastic video: "I Gotta Felling" by The Black Eyed Peas, performed in sign language by Stephen Torrence and Shawn Bracketty.

Now, choose a song you like, perform it in International sign language and record a video. What's this for? That'll be your next project!

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11 Responses to ASL videos

  1. BELÉN ASENSIO says:

    There are some diferences about American Sign Language and Spanish Sign Language. The body expression is the same but the structure is different because ASL is bimodal (sign language is used but following the structure of spoken language).
    There are some differences between American Sign Language and International Sign Sistem. It is truth that ISS is much more similar to ASL than other signs languages. International Sign Language is an agreement between all signs languages in the world.

  2. The Sign Language isn`t universal, there are many different Sign Languages. It depends on the country. Although in the same country there are different sign languages too. International Sign System isn´t a language, it is a system because it consists of a mixture of signs coming from different countries.

  3. Laura says:

    Between American and Spanish Sign Language there are many differences because, the vocabulary is different and the estructure is different too. For example, in oral language you may say: ``the house is red´´ but in Spanish Sign Language, you sign: ``house-red´´ only and, instead the estructure of American Sign Language is very similar to the oral language structure, this is knowed as ``bimodal´´, when you sign as you speak.
    Moreover, American Sign Language is slower than Spanish Sign Language and clearer.

    The difference between American and International Sign Language is just that American Sign Language is a language approved, but International Sign Language is an agreement between countries in order to do a sistem for international congress.

  4. marina says:

    There many differences between American and Spanish sing language isn´t international.It is very difference in each country even in each city. For example, in American sing language in bimodal(the structure is similar to English), the performance is slower and the sings are very clear. In Spanish sing language, the sings are faster and they interpreter use to the space wich more the sings are bigger.
    The difference with American sing language is that this one a language and the International sing language is not a language, is an agreemet between many countries. It used in international conferences or in a congress.

  5. Guadalupe says:

    Well, First of all I want to say that Spanish an American sign language are different. Why? Because every sign language, like all the spoken languages,all over the world are created by the influence of the culture of each country. That is to say that every sign language will be different and it depends on the country or the region you are. This is the reason for why the sign language is not a universal language.

    In order to communicate in a international way the deaf community with hearing people colaboration create a new system (not a language) called "International Signs System". This is an agreement of signs of a few sign languages and signs that are very visual.

    All the sign languages have in commmun one thing: all the sign languages are visual languages, this is the reason why you can understand some signs although you don´t know that sign language.

    And in addition to, deaf people can understand better with other foreigner deaf people than a hearing person, because they have a visual culture in a natural way.

    Hearing people have to get used to this visual language and culture, this is why it is more difficult for hearing people, that know sing language, to communicate in a natural way (like deaf people do)with foreigner deaf people or foreigner people that know other sign language.

    I hope you understand this diferences of the sign languages, there many more but these are the main ideas.

    See you in class Ana.

  6. Ainhoa Alfaro says:

    There are many different signs languges. Each country has his own languages, his own culture, and the developing of communication system by Deaf people is connected to it. Spanish sing language and American sign language is characteristic of its own country but international sing languages is a mixture of many countries that participate in a international congress abouth topics related to Deaf people. Originally, the sing language was taken from Europe to America. A French teacher, Laurent Clerk, disciple of father Epè and American teacher, Tomas Gallaudet took the French sign languages to EEUU and there they created the Gallaudet University whith his name, it was the first university only for Deaf people in the world.

    Ainhoa alfaro

  7. ernesto says:

    If i compare the ASL and the SSL, we can find many different signs. In ASL the performance is shorter than the other one, because they used less signs.

    The System Sign Language(SSI), is a recopilation of signs all over the world. SSI isn´t a language, it´s a sign system and ASL is a language.
    On the other hand, most of the signs in SSI are from ASL.

  8. Almudena says:

    The most important difference between them is that a lot of signs are different. The structure is different too.

    In Spanish Sign Language you use your space to perfom and they are quite.

    The differences between ASL and ISS are that the ASL is a Language and the ISS is an agreement of signs from many sign languages.

  9. aixa says:

    as oral languages, the sign languages (LSE, ASL...), there are lenguages that have been created in order to communicate. In this, the culture has influence.All languages have a characteristics and too, there are constantly evolution in order to adapt to needs to people.
    The expression facial and corporal is the same in LSE, ASL o SSI.
    SSI: there isn´t a language, is a pidgin. but, the SSI and ASL are more similar.If you learn SSI, its more easy understand ASL. In the video about colours, there are equal sign in ASL and SSI. For example: red, white, yellow, green...
    Also, there are more differences, because are two languages with diferent cultures.
    LSE and ASl: the structure is different, because in LSE, is very important follow a structure,(the verbs, and negation, interrogation you must write the end of the sentence),but in ASL, you can sign using the same structure than the oral.
    But in all sign languges are very important, the expression facial, body, and how you use the space in order to sign. This is the same in all sign languages

  10. Angélica says:

    The sign language is not universal. In each countries sign language is different.
    Even in a city the sign language is different too but the signs are understood because this language is very visual. In ASL (American Sign Language) the signs are more clearer and slower.
    The differences between American and International Sing Language:
    the different is that the ASL is a language and International Sign Language or SSI is an agrement, a artificial mixture of signs of different countries and that from a new standar language.

  11. jhonathan says:

    Basicly a lot of things are similar besacuse it is a visual language, the way to transmite a message has the same function but some diferences could be the configuration of signs, the way to sign them andthe intensity of the body language,but I thinkfor a deaf person is easier to communicate with another deaf person from another country, than a hearing person to another one if they don't know anything about the language.
    we have to thik that international sign language is based on American sign language and French sign language and many things they are similar but the international sign language is reduced and more general because is not a language, it is a code of communication

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