They are worthwhile

I have received this award from three different blogs, Cerro de las lombardas, Valme's English Corner and Colonial Nuggets.

Thank you very much for two reasons:
The first one, for thinking that my blog is worth visiting.
The second one for giving me the opportunitty to meet other teachers and their interesting blogs!
And, last but not the least, let me congratulate you on your blogs, you are doing a great job!.

Well, it's my turn. I have to choose ten blogs, uf, quite difficult. Well, this is my list:

1. Blog en curso
2. Anna's blog
3. English for you, Rosa's blog
4. Enjoy learning English
5. English in Guía-Básico
6. Eoio's advanced students
7. Talk to learn: EOI Almeria conversation club.
8. Our Advanced English blog9. Inglés_turismo_09_10
10. Learning English in Brunete

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10 Responses to They are worthwhile

  1. Thank you very much, Ana. I feel very pleased and honoured. I´ll get down to do my "homework" as soon as I make up my mind on which blogs to choose...not an easy task, mind you!
    Thanks again!

  2. Ana, I´ve just published my list. Thank you again!

  3. jrubies says:

    Thanks a lot Ana. That's very kind of you. As you know I've been following your works for a long time, and my students find your "How to write an essay" presentation very useful every time they must upload a writing to their blogs.
    It's been an honour, Thank you very much again.
    Hugs and best wishes ;-)
    Joan Rubies

  4. Thank you very much for this distinction! My students and I work very hard to learn as much English as possible with our class blog and this is very rewarding. Greetings from "Learning English in Brunete"!!

  5. Anna says:

    Thank you very much Ana! Our students and I are truly honoured by your lovely gesture.
    I also want to congratulate you on your fantastic blog and have also mentioned it on my blog. Don't worry,you don't need to choose 10 new blogs :)
    I'll definitely keep an eye on your blog :)

  6. It's a pleasure, Rosa.
    I agree with you, it is no so easy to choose...
    Right now, I'll have a look at the ones you have picked out.
    Thnaks for telling me about it and for your visit!
    We'll keep in touch!

  7. Thanks for being so nice, Joan.
    It's great to know that the things we usually do can be useful for other teachers and students. This is the best thing about the Internet, we share and learn from each another.
    Thanks for your visit and nice to meet you!
    We'll keep in touch!

  8. Juan Ignacio, it's a pleasure for me to meet you and your work.
    Learning English with Brunette is really nice and your students are doing a great job!

    Anna, pleased to meet you as well and thanks for your nice words.
    What a relief! so difficult to choose and again...!
    From now on, I'll follow your work, I find your blog very interesting !.


  9. Adama says:

    Anna, congratulations for your work! I follow your blog since a while and find always a lot inspiration. Keep it up!

    Angel Colonial Nuggets

  10. Thanks Adama,
    From now on, I'll follow yours!

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