English workshop

The Primary School, José Moreno Villa held its cultural week by the end of April and I volunteered for giving an English workshop to kids aged 6 and 7.

The workshop consisted of creating a small English book and illustrating it with pictures of themselves, their family and favourite monster. No time for much more! As a warming activity they watched a Sesame street video clip and then, for two hours they were drawing and colouring while I was recording them in English.

We had great fun and the kids were so lovely! nothing to do with the students over 16 I'm used to, the fact is that you consume a lot of energy drawing their attention and getting them to carry out the different tasks but, no doubt, it is much more rewarding; they like everything you do, are eager to collaborate in all the activities you suggest and learn so quickly!

A very interesting and enjoyable experience!



Have a look!

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2 Responses to English workshop

  1. Valme says:

    Good job, great experience! I like working with my pupils too, in spite of being a hard job. This always motivates them and you!

  2. Thanks Valme,
    you are right: hard work, time-consuming but rewarding after all.
    Thanks for passing by!

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