Learn languages for free

My student, Ana Molina, talked to me about Busuu. She sent me an e-mail and this is what she wrote:

" I send you a web: www.busuu.com

It is a free online community for learning languages. You can connect for free with native speakers worldwide. I have learnt a lot with this web.
You can learn English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese or Russian. I have started to learn Italian.

In Busuu all the users can correct the exercises of other users or contact other speakers to share their doubts. In addition there are units of learning, with phrases and vocabulary represented by images and sounds recorded by artists' professional voices speaking their own language.

I encourage you to try the page. I assure you that you will like it"

Now, it's my turn to encourage you to go and have a look at it, because she's right. I find it really interesting and I hope you also will.

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