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ETC English to communicate

My students from the Vocational Training Course in Secretarial Studies have already started blogging! I'm very proud of them !. They chose the template, design ... and they are so eager to learn English that it will be of great help to all of us!.

Have a look!

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Visitor profiles

"Your partner is going to be a visitor at  Greencities Sostenibilidad. Write a short Visitor profile about him/her for the Greencities Special Edition". 

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2º PCPI is a course made up of teenagers who didn't finish Secondary and come back to school so as to get the Certificate. The thing is that they are quite motivated to obtain it, but the problem is that they are difficult students: their level of the different subjects is quite low, they aren't used to studying, they don't want to try hard and to make matters worse, they don't come to classes regularly. So, you can imagine how difficult it is for me to get them to work!.
Anyway, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so, let's get on with it, everything has a start and this is ours: their first podcast.

Background music: La plume Sans Elle by Whiteyes from Jamendo

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There are so many students in my class that I find it quite difficult to evaluate their oral production. Thay's why, from now on, speaking will be assessed through podcasts. Quick to do and easy for me to correct their participation, later on, at home!.

Here, some of my students in their first year of Bachillerato.
Aim: Describing themselves. Personal appearance and personality.

(By Paula, Saida, Nacho, Leia, Maksym, Michael, Eva, Cande, Lucía, Andrea, Regina, José Luis, Angel, Alba, Juan, Elisa, Gianina and Carolina)
Background music: Panaholva by Gustavo Crochenci from Jamendo

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