There are so many students in my class that I find it quite difficult to evaluate their oral production. Thay's why, from now on, speaking will be assessed through podcasts. Quick to do and easy for me to correct their participation, later on, at home!.

Here, some of my students in their first year of Bachillerato.
Aim: Describing themselves. Personal appearance and personality.

(By Paula, Saida, Nacho, Leia, Maksym, Michael, Eva, Cande, Lucía, Andrea, Regina, José Luis, Angel, Alba, Juan, Elisa, Gianina and Carolina)
Background music: Panaholva by Gustavo Crochenci from Jamendo

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2 Responses to Descriptions

  1. That's a great idea, I also encourage my students to do this when assessing pronunciation. However, fluency is difficult to assess here because students can just read. What do you think? Thank you for your excellent ideas.

  2. Hi, Carmen, how nice to hear from you!
    Well, fluency isn't difficult to assess here because they aren't reading!.
    I told them to prepare the topic and speak about it for some minutes in class. Each student did the recording meanwhile the others were doing their homework.
    Thanks a lot for your comment and for passing by!

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