Pre-job skills in Vocational training courses. Mind map

The main aim of giving classes to students taking Vocational Training Courses is to prepare them for a job in a  future. For this reason, it is important to bear in mind not only the skills regarding the job, but also, those ones which are going to help them get the job they want to apply for and are as follows:

1. Reading and understanding advertisements. The students must get familiar with the language related to job ads; what sort of job is being advertised, kind of applicant wanted and some other important aspects of the post, such as working conditions, where it is, salary etc.
2. Writing their CV/résumé. Some guideliness are given so that they can sum up their personal, educational and career history in a clear and concise way but as complete as possible.
3. Writing cover letters. They learn how to write formal letters.
4. Tips for Job interviews. They see what they should do when attending an interview and they learn strategies in order to succeed.

After it, we start working on job skills and emphasis is given on the main duties and responsibilities that the future job involves depending, of course, on the studies they have previously chosen.

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