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Hidden cash

Read the following extracts from different newspaper articles and answer the questions below:

 June 21, 2014  

"American millionaire Jason Buzi posted a series of clues on the @HiddenCash Twitter page to lead people to the money.

Crowds descended on Kensington gardens in west London after Jason Buzi, who first started hiding money in San Francisco, posted a series of clues on the @HiddenCash Twitter page.
Those lucky enough to find the envelopes, which contained £50 each, were then asked to post pictures of themselves online.
A total of 20 envelopes were hidden in the social experiment".                                  
                                                                                                                   Adapted from here
Sunday, 06 July 2014


"An American millionaire hid €1,300 in Madrid for the general public to find.
Real-estate investor Jason Buzi, otherwise known online as the ‘Robin Hood of Twitter’ hid the small fortune in 26 envelopes and provided clues about their location, sending people on a frantic treasure hunt.
Hundreds of Madrid residents flocked to the Parque del Retiro trying to find one of the envelopes containing €50 each. The hopefuls looked under every rock, behind every tree and even among the bushes.
Using the Twitter account @hiddencash, Buzi tweeted clues about where he had hidden the money and encouraged anyone who found one to tweet a picture of the envelope.
Not even the rain that hit Madrid last Thursday (July 3) deterred the treasure hunters. @hiddencash tweeted: “Heavy rain and storm in Madrid. Hope envelopes don’t get wet! Wet money is still good money :)”
Those who were not so lucky still had a good time. “Even if we did not find anything, it was a lot of fun, because you are outdoors and have a blast,” said one of them.
The Palo Alto-born property magnate has been repeatedly accused of having turned charity into a social media competition. Buzin said he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and that he was simply giving something back to society.
He describes his acts of giving as an experience for good and actually encourages people to “pay it forward” by giving the money to someone in need".
                                                                                                          From Euroweeklynews

16 July 2014

"Malaga City Hall are considering taking legal action against the organisers of Hidden Cash. The social media craze hit the city on Saturday. They claim that the event has cost the city €2,000 in damages.
The  anonymous social experience for good,’ is the baby of millionaire Jason Buzi, in which envelopes are hidden around a city, each containing €50 in cash.Cash hunters receive clues on Twitter on the whereabouts of these envelopes and race to collect the prize.

The event has gone smoothly in cities such as Madrid, New York and London. However, the Malaga version has been described as chaotic.
It was set to take place on Saturday, however, the clues on the Twitter feed didn’t start until 4pm. Locals had already been looking in a local park for hours after receiving a false tip-off that the 50 envelopes were located there. Frustrated by the confusion and lack of success, locals trampled plants, ripped up manhole covers and emptied rubbish bins as they searched.
 The envelopes were actually located in Gibralfaro Castle, with some locals finding them with sheer luck or word of mouth. Even though the lucky ones were tweeting pictures on their personal pages with their prizes, no news was given on the events official twitter page. Hence, hundreds of Malaga residents continued to hopelessly tear through the city.
This comes just days after $5,000 (€3,693) in damage was inflicted on a Californian park after the hunt. Organisers responded to the ensuing criticism by tweeting “Thank you to our supporters and to our critics - you should know we are only motivated by the best intentions.”

                                                                                                                Taken from Euroweeklynews

1. Were you in Málaga when the event of the "hidden money" took place? Did you go round the city so as to try to find the money? Tell us your experience and/or opinion about it.
2. Does money bring happiness?

By the way, welcome to a New School Year! It will be great to learn with you and from you... as usual...

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