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Read the following extracts from different newspaper articles and answer the questions below:

 June 21, 2014  

"American millionaire Jason Buzi posted a series of clues on the @HiddenCash Twitter page to lead people to the money.

Crowds descended on Kensington gardens in west London after Jason Buzi, who first started hiding money in San Francisco, posted a series of clues on the @HiddenCash Twitter page.
Those lucky enough to find the envelopes, which contained £50 each, were then asked to post pictures of themselves online.
A total of 20 envelopes were hidden in the social experiment".                                  
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Sunday, 06 July 2014


"An American millionaire hid €1,300 in Madrid for the general public to find.
Real-estate investor Jason Buzi, otherwise known online as the ‘Robin Hood of Twitter’ hid the small fortune in 26 envelopes and provided clues about their location, sending people on a frantic treasure hunt.
Hundreds of Madrid residents flocked to the Parque del Retiro trying to find one of the envelopes containing €50 each. The hopefuls looked under every rock, behind every tree and even among the bushes.
Using the Twitter account @hiddencash, Buzi tweeted clues about where he had hidden the money and encouraged anyone who found one to tweet a picture of the envelope.
Not even the rain that hit Madrid last Thursday (July 3) deterred the treasure hunters. @hiddencash tweeted: “Heavy rain and storm in Madrid. Hope envelopes don’t get wet! Wet money is still good money :)”
Those who were not so lucky still had a good time. “Even if we did not find anything, it was a lot of fun, because you are outdoors and have a blast,” said one of them.
The Palo Alto-born property magnate has been repeatedly accused of having turned charity into a social media competition. Buzin said he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and that he was simply giving something back to society.
He describes his acts of giving as an experience for good and actually encourages people to “pay it forward” by giving the money to someone in need".
                                                                                                          From Euroweeklynews

16 July 2014

"Malaga City Hall are considering taking legal action against the organisers of Hidden Cash. The social media craze hit the city on Saturday. They claim that the event has cost the city €2,000 in damages.
The  anonymous social experience for good,’ is the baby of millionaire Jason Buzi, in which envelopes are hidden around a city, each containing €50 in cash.Cash hunters receive clues on Twitter on the whereabouts of these envelopes and race to collect the prize.

The event has gone smoothly in cities such as Madrid, New York and London. However, the Malaga version has been described as chaotic.
It was set to take place on Saturday, however, the clues on the Twitter feed didn’t start until 4pm. Locals had already been looking in a local park for hours after receiving a false tip-off that the 50 envelopes were located there. Frustrated by the confusion and lack of success, locals trampled plants, ripped up manhole covers and emptied rubbish bins as they searched.
 The envelopes were actually located in Gibralfaro Castle, with some locals finding them with sheer luck or word of mouth. Even though the lucky ones were tweeting pictures on their personal pages with their prizes, no news was given on the events official twitter page. Hence, hundreds of Malaga residents continued to hopelessly tear through the city.
This comes just days after $5,000 (€3,693) in damage was inflicted on a Californian park after the hunt. Organisers responded to the ensuing criticism by tweeting “Thank you to our supporters and to our critics - you should know we are only motivated by the best intentions.”

                                                                                                                Taken from Euroweeklynews

1. Were you in Málaga when the event of the "hidden money" took place? Did you go round the city so as to try to find the money? Tell us your experience and/or opinion about it.
2. Does money bring happiness?

By the way, welcome to a New School Year! It will be great to learn with you and from you... as usual...

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36 Responses to Hidden cash

  1. Leviataan says:

    No, I didn't. I wasn't on Malaga that day, but i think it's a bad idea. I really appreciate his charity, but people get angry with the money, they only want to get more and it's not a good idea because they fight to get money. It's not good.

    Yes, money bring happiness, I really think money is good to make your dreams come true, but people who wants your money will carry you disgrace and bad feelings, they will be annoying and you would like to not have money only because that people said you to not to have it.

    By: Daniel Jaime Cardenete (2BC)

  2. gabi fira says:

    1. Yes, I was in Málaga this day but I didn´t go to this event. I think that 50 euros can´t bring me more happiness than a day at the beach.
    2. In general money is necessary for people to be happy. Poverty is known to cause depression. If people do not have the means to live comfortably, they will obviously be sad. I think that it depends on the person, there is people without money and they´re happy.

  3. 1. No, I weren't , but if I would be been there, maybe, I would be tried to find some envelope, but I wouldn't be hopeless; I only would try my luck, because there will be someone, always, whose situation was worse than yours and He will need it more than me.

    2. Money is a valuable object what you can do a lot of things that they are impossible to do whithout it. You can buy a lot of things which you want, you can go to places to visit it, but these are material things.
    Of course you need some money to live: to buy some food to eat, a house to sleep or some clothes to dress, but they are essential needs.
    However, most people have a concept of happiness very wrong.
    If you think that the money bring the happiness is because you don't know to appreciate the true beauty of the life. You only see the superficial.
    It's true that the happiness is very subjective, because for some people, the happiness means to be the richest person in the world, for other, it means to have three mansions...
    But the experience say us (or at least to me) that one poor person with only 100€, for example, is able to be much more happy than another one who earns 3000€ a month.
    In my opinion, the happiness es in each one, inside yourself. Only you decide if you want to appreciate the small moment of laughter, the details, the sharning, to be next to other people who love you: The love is the most important to get the happiness. LOVE YOURSELF TO LOVE OTHERS.
    To end, I must add that the happiness doesn´t exist like a permanent state: It's a feeling that is in short periods of time when you feel well with yourself and it's your mind which decide where, when and who makes you feel good.

    Alejandra Melgar Guerrero 2BC.

  4. 1-Yes,I were in Malaga but I did not go to Malaga center for try to find the hidden cash's money.
    In my opinion,It's a good thing because He or She,I don't know If it is female or male,try to help people,that's why It's a good thing.

    2- Yes because You can buy so many things (CDs,books,films,clothes,games..) and You can fly away to many countries like USA or UK. But I think that the most important things are free like hugs,kisses and be with your family. Seriously,I think that money is important because You can't live without money but the good things are better.

  5. 1- No, Because I was on holiday with my family in Mallorca.

    2- Yes, I think money can bring happiness if it is used in the right ways.
    But money cannot buy family, or peace, nor love. It cannot cure your cancer. Our society today is an example.

    From: Noelia Onieva Cabrera

  6. 1.No, I didn't. I wasn't in Malaga that day, I knew nothing about this event. In my opinion, it is an experiment to measure the despair of the people, like lab rats. And people think that you are giving away money. But honestly, I also would.
    2. Money can not buy happiness, nor the purchase. The money helps to be happy but there are things money can't buy. Like love or friendship. The money you can surround people, but no one will be there for you, but for your money

  7. No, I wasn’t in Malaga when the event took place the "hidden money". I couldn’t go to the event. In my opinion I think it was a good idea to donate money but that people should be more careful with the things in your city.
    I think money can’t buy happiness because it might please rich aren’t happy with your family on the contrary people who are poor do they lack the money for their needs but they can be happier than some people rich.
    Ana Prados Rodríguez 2BS4

  8. I've never heard before anything like this. I thought this event, it could only take place in a uncivilized country. When I heard the news, I was really amazing that people, in their haste for getting money could do uncivilized things such as: trampled plants, ripped up manhole covers and emptied rubbish bins. So I do not agree with the comments made by the millionaire in favor of this kind of events.

  9. 1-Unfortunately , when the event took place , I was not in Malaga , I was in my village , but I would have liked to have been . If I had been , I would have gone just to see the people and the environment that would have , and if by chance he had seen money better.
    2-In my opinion, yes, money brings happiness , because if you did not have money, health and much love you had you could not continue to live, for food and basic needs . The money brings happiness because it covers your needs and is essential to life ; For example , if you had a disease to be cured with a very expensive treatment and you could not afford , never be happy , because you do not would cure , and if you have it and you heal , you would be happy because you have been able to pay with money , and happiness , has given you the money.

  10. 1.Yes, I'm from Málaga! When I knew I go to see if I was lucky, but as I expected I didn't found nothing, well, yes, two empty emvelope.
    I had a nice day because I was with my boyfriend and althrough we didn't found nothing, we walked in the park.

    2.I think that the money brings happiness. Obviusly isn't everything, but today everythings buy with money. If you are poor, you will have many limitations as to when you have a disease , for studies or holidays,etc...
    I'm happy with not much money I wish I win the lottery.

  11. 1.
    No, I wasn´t
    No, I didn´t, but I readed this notice in twitter and in my opinion i think this was a good idea but the crow didn´t do correct.

    2 .
    Does money bring happiness? I reflect whith this question and I think the money doesn´t bring happiness but the money can help do it. For example I like going the shopping when I was sad, and if I want go to shopping I will need money. Also, I love travel, I will be very happiness travelling around the world whith my family and my friends, and if you want travel you will need money.
    Finally, the poor can be happy, but they will be more happy if they have got money for the food, home or clothes.
    Joana Rodríguez 2BC

  12. 1-Yes, I was in Malaga that day, but I didn't try to find the money because I didn't know that someone had hidden money and everyone could find it and win it. I heard about this story the next day when my mother told me, but if I'd known it before would have gone, at least to have a fun time with friends, but if I had found that I would give the money to someone who needed it more than me, becouse I think that money should go to people who really need it, people who are living on the streets and haven't money or food and are forced to borrow money from others, I see unfair that someone who really doesn't need the money can keep it. Jason Buzi should send their money to organizations that help people in need, but otherwise I see a good way to mobilize the city and do something different, but I think that this billionaire did this to win fame and for people talk about it, if Buzi would really like help, he wouldn't send it for twitter and not left to chance the money, since this can be find for someone who has enough money and just wanted to look up the money for have fun

    2-Money can't buy happiness, this just helps to live and the more money you have, you live in better conditions but not more happy, because happiness is a feeling that depends to the person's emotional situation, not to their economic situation, that money is something material and you can buy material things, but you can't buy feelings
    Irene Delgado Mata 2BC

  13. Hi, Ana! I'm Laura of 2BS4.

    1) On 16 July, I was with my family. We celebrated my mum's onomastic. I didn't know that this had happened.
    In my opinion, it was a really good idea! For the people that participate had to be very funny. If I had known, I would have gone. Of course!

    2) Many people in all the world think that money bring happiness because they can buy thousands things that now they haven't got. Well, that's not really true.
    I think that money is only a momentary aid. If you need food, clothes or other important things, money can help you but if you believe need useless things, you will keep believing that you need more.
    Therefore, I think that money doesn't bring happiness but it can you live better.

  14. 1)Yes,i was in Malaga but i didn't know anything.

    2)No, i didn't go round the to find the money but i think that is a very entertaining and beneficial.

    3)I think that money is a very importantv thing in life but it doesn't give you happiness.
    Lourdes Montiel Fernández 2BS4

    Lourdes Montiel Fernández 2bS4

  15. 1.I don't remember, if I was in Málaga but I think yes...althought I wasn't in the event.
    In my opinion the person who hidden the money thinks that it was a good cause and in my opinion it was a great idea and very funny too.

    2. I think that the money doesn't bring hapiness but there are people that they are only happy when they have everything.
    (I'm Marina Flores Arcos 2BS4)

  16. 1. Yes, I was in Malaga, but I went not search because I didn't thought that I would find 50 €. I think these game is fine because it is fun and you can get money.

    2. I think money do not give happiness. With money you can buy many things, but only material things, happiness can’t be bought. Happiness is found in the company of your friends, your family ... I think people can be happy without spending money. The health also give the happiness. I think money can’t buy happiness but it helps to live better to have food, clothing, home... necessary.

    Gema Mª Pacheco Fernández.

  17. Laura Quintero Ocaña

    Does money bring hapiness?
    First of all, I think I should define the word "happiness".
    So, what is happiness?
    Happiness is thought of as the good life, freedom from Suffering, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure.
    My answer may sound selfish, but it's totally realistic.
    I thought all my life that money can't buy happiness. Now that there is a high percentage of unemployment in Spain, my thinking may has changed. The crisis affected us all, or almost all. It's frustrating to think that many families have been left homeless because of not having money. So I can't say that money buy happiness, but if you have no money, home, education, health, ... disappears, and without that, in my opinión, anybody could be happy.

  18. 1.Yes, i was.
    -Yes, i did but without getting any money.

    -My friends and I went very soon so we could find the money. But we only found fake envelopes that were full of advertising until we found an envelope with some coordinates, it was very weird. We thought that those coordinates were anything so we met some other friends to find the money together. We kept looking for the money but we didn't find anything, we were so tired and people in the streets were doing weird things to find the money. Finally at one o'clock we didn't find anything so we decided to focus in that coordinates. The coordinates that we thought to be fake, they were finally real. We put them in google maps and we saw the coordinates were indicating a pub in the city center. The envelope gave also a hour that we have to go to the coordinates, so we all went to our houses so we could rest and go there at the time. We realised that the guy fell asleep and he will put the money later, one of my friends that is very cheap wanted to go to look for the money but I wanted to go to the pub because i wanted to solve the mystery of that envelope. I went to the pub and it was anything. We thought the rich man would be there waiting for us or something, but at the end i just got a nice story.

    2.Yes, i think money can give happiness, but not at all. For me it's more important my friends, love and health, and if a rich man can't have these things I think that he doesn't have the real happiness. Some money is always good.

  19. 1.I didn't go, but I was about to go with my friends, but I saw it a waste of time as it was very difficult to find one of the envelopes so I didn't go, but if I was reading twitter to see if they said something about it and if someone could find some money.

    2.I think that money itself doesn't bring happiness, because if you have money but not health or people with whom to share, such as family or friends, not good
    for anything, but if it helps you because without money you don´t eat, you can´t pay spending every day, you can't buy clothing, etc.
    What I see is that more and more people give more importance to money and that isn't good, because as I said before money removes many problems but also
    gives life. From what I believe and I think it's better to have a little less money but many health, family and friends.

    Paula López Morales. 2ºBC

  20. 1- Yes, I was in Malaga when it happened but I don´t know nothing about this event.
    Yes, it looks like to me a good idea because this event helps to the people.
    2- I think that the money help us to get the happiness but not the best happiness because if the people have money nobody would worry for this problem. Also somebody say that in the love the money isn,t influence and I thinkthat all the people don´t think this way because if somebody give you a Ferrari someone wouldn´t reject.

  21. 1. I was in Malaga city when the event were celebrating , but I didn´t know this event prepared by social networks.

    2. In my opinion the money can´t give happiness , it is material , papper and shouldn´t influence our lives and deciding on our actions , the money don’t give happiness but I think it can buy small part of it because after the long time , people are more stingy more shallow and very dishonored and it is the only motive by the people go on to fight really for bring your happiness.

    Juan Antonio Ávila Meléndez - 2.BS4

  22. I was in Malaga in this moment, but i didn't look for the money. I think that the money don't give the happines, but it help
    Sandra 2bs4

  23. 1. No, because I couldn't go. In my opinion, it's a good idea because there is people that need money and they can get it easily.
    2. Yes, it does. I think that love and frienship is important for happiness but money too. The money is necessary to live and it help you to have got things that you need for to be happy and love and frienship can't give you.

  24. Hi, i am jefferson Martinez(2BS4). Unfortunately i could not attend the event, but i would have liked to go.
    In my opinion it was a great event that helped many people.

    Finally, i believe that the money not bring happiness but it help to live good. XD

  25. lidia gf says:

    Javi Garcia Fuentes 2BC

    1-Yes,I was in Malaga when happened Hidden Cash.No,I didn´t know there was this event until one o´clok so I didn´t go because the people found the money

    2-In my opinion the money don´t give all the happiness but the money is very important in our lifes because without it we can´t buy necessary things,study ... so the lack money difficult to reach happiness.

  26. 1.
    I think that it´s a good idea when a rich person gives part of their money, because he can help different people that they are in a difficult situation.
    In my opinion, money doesn´t give us happiness because the happiness can be give with healthy life or when you can see that your family and friends are very happy.
    Juan Miguel Martín García 2bs4

  27. 1-)I at the time that the game will start if it was in Málaga, but could not go because I had a wedding and my father would not let me.
    2-)I think money can not buy happiness. It is true that money can help and that is a necessary everyday thing. I think the happiness they give the power the simple things have moments with friends, family, those moments that you are very at ease and you realize you have much money you can not get the same feeling.

  28. I didn´t stay in Málaga that day, but if I would have stayed in Málaga I wouldn´t have gone to find the hidden cash.

    Firstly, because I think that it wasn´t an experiment, it just was and entertainment for rich people, inasmuch as for they lose fifty euros is like a ordinary person lose one euro.

    Secondarily, because you lose all one day to looking for fifty euros and you maybe don´t find them.

  29. 1.I didn´t go to the event of the hidden money because I don´t like the idea of look money in the streets.

    2.In my opinión, the money helps to have a welfare and economic stability necessary in life.
    But the happiness is a emotional state that has nothing to do with money.

    Celia, 2BS1.

  30. 1.- I was in Malaga when the event took place. I don´t search the money and I think is a lack of respect to us because he or she scrub he or she got a lot of money and laugh to our shore.

    2.- In my opinion, I think money don´t bring happiness because there are many things that we don´t buy, like love or friends. In addition, when you got a lot of money you want get more and more and your greed wouldn´t have end. On the other side, money don´t bring us happiness, but it´s necessary in our lifes.

    Ángel Rafael Aguilar Lara 2ºBC

  31. 1.No,I went to Valencia of pass my holidays .I used to there since one was young.
    -.No,I am not going to this event because I am not being in malaga.I think this event only cause fight and pain.

    2.I think that money will not be happines but yes , can help us a get .In the end the money there isn´t important the really important is the your people .

    Ivan 2BS4

  32. Yes, i was in Málaga but i didn't go at the event because i thought that it was lose time.
    In my opinion i believe that the money if give happiness because whit the money you can to get anything

  33. Maria Inmaculada Alba Chicón (Chica) 2BC
    1. No, because I was in my country's house with my father and my family. I think that the event is a good idea because poor people can get free money.
    2. In my opinion, the money doesn't made happy people, although it's very important to the daily daily lifes of people. Some people has got very money and they need more money for be happy, however there is people who hasn't some money and they are very happy. Generally, the money has a different value for each person.

  34. 1.Yes, I was in Malaga and I went to look for the money but my friend and I only lost the time because they forgot to say where was hidden the money.
    2.It seems to me that the money is necesary to live, but it is not the unique thing to be happy, in my opinion, if you do not have friends, family or girlfriend with who spend the money, you will be an unhappy person. Moreover, there are things more importants such the health, the friends, the love, the family than the money.

  35. Hi I´m Debora Montañez and now I´m going to talk about the previous texts:

    1.- No, unfortunatly I was in my town, Colmenar, so I can´t go to hunting the money´s envelopes, but I would have gone.

    2.- In my personal opinion, I think the money doesn´t bring the happiness because there are things more important that the money as the family, the friends, the healt... so I think it help us because we live better with money because it does our life easier.

  36. lidia gf says:

    1-I was in Málaga when it happened.I didn´t go the event because I didn´t know about this until my cousin told me,but the event had already finished although I would have like to try to find the money.

    2-In my opinion the money is very important to live because without it we couldn´t meet our basic needs,for example:buy food and clothes,have a house,study...so the money help to reach the happiness although don´t bring all it.
    Lidia García Fuentes

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