A for and against essay

In this kind of composition, we write about the pros and cons of a topic, which is considered to be controversial, and conclude summarising the main arguments and/or giving our personal opinion  by supporting one of the sides.

Paragraph plan

Useful language

On the one hand,...
On the other hand,
There are arguments on both sides...
There are several arguments in favour of ...
The question is ... 
One advantage of ... Another advantage is ...
In theory, ....; in practice ...

Linking words and expressions

Use them in order to connect your ideas and show how they are related to one another.


                                                 Living up to 100 years old of age

More and more new products are being invented to reduce aging. But, can we really slow aging?. I think that living up to 100 years of age has more disadvantages than advantages.

On the one hand, when you are old, everything is more complicated and you tend to get sick easily.
It is also possible for us to be present at the death of other relatives. This is very sad.

On the other hand, living up to 100 years old also has advantages, you are part of the oldest people in the world!. In addition, you could meet most of your family such as your great-grandchildren.

In conclusion, it would be interesting to live more than 100 years old as long as you can have a good physical and mental health.

(By Salvador Muñoz)

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