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While some may argue that social networking tools, like Twitter and Facebook, are a waste of time, and others consider them to be innocent fun, there are a few people who would say these innovations are so much more. For example, one woman saved her friend from home invaders after seeing a plea for help on Facebook, while another was rescued by emergency personnel after tweeting for help when she was injured and lost in the woods. Learn about seven real-life cases where a tweet, status update or an application was a lifesaver.

How important are social media to you? How do you use the internet and social media? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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20 Responses to Social Media

  1. pepe jym says:

    Nowadays the social media have a very important paper in our society, principally with teeneagers.
    The most important social media for me..can be instagram, because I love to take and see pictures, Twitter because in this app you can public the things that you want, like pictures,texts,notices and you can be infometed of everythings of the world.
    I like whatssapp too, because you can chat to your friends all time, individually or in groups, and you can call them too.
    And if we consider youtube as a social´s my favourite! in my future I will have a channel and everyone can see my videos!
    But we have to use the social media with caution because it can become addictive and can cause mental or psychological problems.
    In conclusion, if we use the social media in the correct way and with care, we can enjoy it without the associated risks.


    Nowadays, social medias are used for fun or to speak with other people and a few times are used for important things. In general, the teens used it for fun but the adults used to share their status when they need help.

    I believe that social medias are a good tool because we can share a newand expand it. On this way, people can give their help but another people use it to make things that injure or lie in some situations. Besides I know some people who pretend to be other person and use a fake identity, it`s a terrible thing!

    To finish off, I´d like to say that the media are important for everybody, not just for teens. You should enjoy using them, but remember that there are good and bad points that you have to take into account.


    In this days, more and more people use social media sites, because social media help us to communicate freely with other people, express our feelings and learn from other people around the world.

    Social medias for other people can be important, because they used them for their work or just for their entertainment and fun, but for me internet and social medias are important, because sites like facebook and whatshapp permitted me to stay communicated with my family who are abroad, quickly and for free.

    Furthermore, when I am boring, I can use sites like Instagram to see the pictures that my friends and people around the world are taken and published. We can say that is a way to be entertained when we have nothing to do.

    In conclusion, social medias can be very important for everybody not only for teens, because they are people that used them in their works, but it can become addictive if we not used properly. So, we have to use social medias in the correct way and with care.

  4. María says:

    I personally think that for teenagers, social media are just a way to share our life, some moments with our family and friends or the things we like. I check my social media every day, and I know that sometimes it way be damaging for our studies because it can distract me. I'm not obssesed with instagram or twitter, but I spend too much time in them.

    As the text says, many people can consider them a waste of time or think that social media always cause problems with your friends or with people who you don't know. Also, for the companies are a very good way to promote themselves because now a days everyone has twitter, for example, and more people can see what they are promoting.

    In conclusión, social media can be a very good way of comunication or the worst thing in the world, just depending in how you use it.


    I am going to write about the importance of social media, which is relevant for us nowadays.

    On the one hand I like using the mobile phone , I usually search for things on the internet, call my friends, take photos etc.It helps me to communicate with my boyfriend, my friend and my family.

    On the other hand social media can be a waste of time because we spend many hours on the internet and with our mobiles phones.Moreover it is bad for the eyesight.

    To conclude people use social media to communicate with people from different country, for example.
    To sum up, I think that using the internet is really important in teenager's life.

  6. Today the social media are very important for me because at school, for example, a lot of homeworks are posted on the internet or when I have to do a work about something that I don´t know I can watch the news on TV or I can search information on the internet.

    The social media also are important for me in the context of to know about my favourite famous person, because they have any account in some social net and they publish things about their concerts or their films, etc, that way I can know about them.

    In conclusion, I use the social media to do homeworks, to search information or to know about my favourite famous people, but sometimes I use social media to know new about the world, but some of them are very sad and I don´t like to see it.

  7. Enrique Jiménez Ruiz, 2BS1

    Today, the social media are extended around all the world, and it helps us to communicate rapidly to any part of the world.
    The social media have a important paper in our society. For example, with the teeneagers. They can express their point of view, their feelings...etc. I always use the social media (I think that everyday I check my whatsapp or my channel in youtube), and I spend to many hours only seeing this.
    On the other hand, I always use (for example) Facebook to communicate with my friends, that they live in differents parts of the world, and for me this type the social media is easy to use to communicate quickly with any person.
    Nevertheless, we are controlled constant by the social networks. From my point of view, we need to restrict the time that we use with this social media. We spend a lot of hours with that.
    In conclusion, we can use the social networks/media to our benefit, for chat with friends, see a lot of videos...but we need to use in the correct way, and don't spend time innecesary with this.

  8. Estela Sánchez Álvarez 2BS1
    I am going to write about the importance of social media for me.
    Which is very relevant nowdays.

    On the one hand social media is very used by teenagers.
    People can comunicate through Facebook, Chat, Skype...
    Personally I use social networks everyday, because they are really useful. For example you can talk to people from different countries, search for imformation...
    Moreover we use the internet in class very often.

    On the other hand social media has some disadvantages, for instance it is dangerous for children and for adults because if you talk to people who you don't see in person, you can be in danger. People can give false imformation.

    To conclude I believe that using the internet is important nowdays to study, to work ... However we should be careful to avoid dangers.
    To sum up social media is one of the most important things for me.

  9. Jose Antonio Muñoz 2BS2

    Actually, I think social media is very important for us, it`s very useful in some cases, but I also that there`many disadvantages.

    I use social media very often the most popular are whatssap and instagram because we can communicate with friends and family..etc and we can see what other people are up to.

    I use social media for work and entertainment. For example, I use Twitter to search information for school work and I use minigames for entertainment.

    Finally, I think that social media is very important but there are people who can get addicted to it.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    In my opinion social media are very important today. Many people think they can be dangerous but this is only if we used them in a wrong way. I use social media, especially to share moments with my contacts. I usually upload photos and contact with family and friends.

    My favourite social media is instagram because I can share with my contacts moments that are important to me or what I'm doing at the moment through pictures. I also use whatsapp, because in instagram you can only share photos and videos, and I use whatsapp to talk directly with my friends or my family. This year I am also using social media for school. When I have to do a job,or to investigate about something, internet helps me a lot. In my school, teachers posted some things related to the subject in their web pages.

    In conclusion, social media can help us a lot if we use them in a right way. At school, to contact with family and friends and to share our moments with them.

  12. Alberto lvarez jimenez 2bs1.

    To begin my presentation I would like to begin by telling how important are social media to me. In my opinion, social media are so usefull to me, I think is one of the biggest invention, not just because we live in a world where everything is associatted with this type of social mediaworld, but in fact, beacuse it helps us a lot, for example: to make researchs about certain stuff,to talk with friends online, make appointments to the doctor.....

    to continue with my presentation I would like to talk about how I use internet wisely.First of all I use internet most of the time to make researchs or talk with friends, Im not too obssesed with this social media, I think it can also affect us, for example: been expossed to so many hours of chatting or anything can takes us away from our sleeping hours, we got to a point where we waste time and we,re undercontolled by the social media.

    to sum up, social media are very usefull, just remenber to be carefull and controll how much time you spent on it

  13. Salvador Delgado Guardiola 2BS2

    Actually , in our lives social medias are very present , because we need up-to- date . Every time there are more new and modern mass media .

    The way I see it , the social media most frequently used is internet by social networks. Like facebook , instagram , twitter and whatsapp.
    Off all these I Prefer whatsapp because I can send instand messages , photos , videos , music ...
    I like instagram too because I see photos and videos from all around the word , but it's true that twitter is a good font off information who send news faster than the tv and journals.

    Eventually , we can see they importance off the social medias and serves to relate , to find out and also it has salved lives.

  14. Van Sp says:

    Javier Báez Recio 2BS1

    How important are social media to you?
    How do you use the internet and social media?

    Today, the social media are so popular around the world.
    It´s rare to find someone that doesn´t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
    If you have got a social media account, you could chat with your friends, to share a picture or video.
    You can also see the videos and the pictures of your friends or other members of the social media.
    On the other hand, you can create a group to meet new friends.
    In the social media you can get information about the news.

    From my point os view, the social media are great tools for contact with my friends and to meet people.
    But for my experience, the social media can be dangerous, because in the net when you up a photo with your face, everybody can see it, but you can change it in the settings, so only your contacts can see your photo.

  15. Belén Guerra Domínguez 2BS2

    I think that the social media are very important for us. You can use them of a lot of ways. In my opinion the youth lose long time in these.

    It are a lot of advantages you can know the news in the moment, you can speak with other people who are away from you (for example when my brother was in Poland I spoke with him through social media or whatsapp). You can express your thinking and you can know the opinion of other people.

    In other hand other people use very bad the social media because they use them to hurt other people or they spend a lot of time in them.

    In conclusion if you use correctly the social media they very are useful but if you don’t use the right way it will be bad consequences

  16. Arantxa Palomo Prieto, 2BS2.

    Nowadays the differents social media play an important role in our society because we use them a lot of hours in our daily for many things, from upload Pictures in some networkings to search information about world.

    In my case, social media are so important, because I use it for many things too, like speak with friends from other cities, search information about school’s works, upload pictures that I like because I really love share my specials photos with my family and friends, and so on.

    The social media that I use more frequently are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp. I know that some people use it in a bad way (because they are many hours with them), or only for bad things, but not all the people are like this.

    In conclusion I think that the social media are so important at present, and if you use in good way you will have benefits from its.

  17. Nada. says:

    At first, I have to say that these questions have different answers for me, I'd answer you depending of my mood.
    But social-networking may be adouble-edged sword: In fact, almost everyone uses them. They are quite useful: you can communicate with people around the world, or find contacts that you'd thought you had lost. Or you could make new friends, some of them far from you.
    Although that, in fact, this ''usefulness'' creates new problems: We need a screen to socialize. We may lost part of our social skills if we don´t know where is the limit between a properly and funny use and an obssession.

    Actually, I use social sites too much, but i know that it 's a problem. Using sites created to meet people, I'm socialising a lot less. But, what could I do, studying my highschool subjects never lets me the time to go out so much!

  18. Paloma Blázquez 2BS2

    Nowadays, social media play a crucial role in our lives. We are always connected to be in contact with the world.

    But social media have a double face: on the one hand, they are really useful, we can talk with our friends wherever they are, we can know about almost everything in every moment, you can see famous people, you can find information, videos, photograph and more in the social media, etc. I usually use social networks to be informed of the news and to know about what my friends are doing, because we all use Facebook, twitter or instagram.

    On the other hand, social media are changing our daily life because we need our computers and mobile phones everyday. We are with our family or friends and we are constantly checking our social networks because we need to know everything that it is happening but we are losing what is happening to us in that moment,

    In conclusion, I can say that I use social media but I know that they have a lot of advantages and disadvantages and we should learn to use them in a healthier way.

  19. Samuel Morales Amadro 2BS1

    Well, answering the first question, I think taht social media are very important today. They allow us to communicate with the rest of the world, tell us when important events, meet interesting people ...Whitout social media we would be late in all, people would not know anything or would learn later. Social media are a important part of today and and only we must be careful to not be deceived.

    And for answering the second question, I only use social media for communicate with other people, to learn about sports and for study.

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