Types of books and films

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  1. From my point of view , if I have to choose a genre that appear in the video I choose Poetry because it's a genre plenty of emotion, truth and sensibility, but my favorite genre isn't in the video, It's thriller and horror books, I love them and actually I've read "A Ciegas", "El evangelio del mal", "La chica del tren". I love be scared reading!

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  3. Laura Mendoza:
    My favourite kind of bokks are thriller books because they make you to be in tension all time. I like them as I like horror films. They scare you and I love this sensation!

  4. Rarely time I read books to be honest, then this comment is a little useless but If I have to choose a genre of the video I will choose Science fiction or historical.

    About science fiction genres I would like to read "A song of fire and ice" for example because I follow the serie "Game of trones" that is based in that book,by other hand in historical I would like to read "Masters of Rome".

    Regards Borja.

  5. The kind of books that I prefer are thriller books because I love drama and thriller books have a lot of tension and I like this.

    Also I love thriller films such as "llamada
    perdida" and "expediente warren".

    And although I rarely read I've read some thiller books for example "el resplandor" or "el gato negro".

    From my point of view, thriller books and horror films are the best

  6. Ananda says:

    I like almost all kinds of books, but fantasy with elves, wonderful landscapes, magic; and triller with intrigue until the last moment, these two types fascinate me. Books like "El nombre del viento", "La chica del tren", "El asesinato de Pitágoras" and this book is different but I also like so much, "Rimas y leyendas, by: Becquer".

  7. Sandra Ocaña Rodríguez
    My favourite reading genre is thriller books. I like them because they make me anxious and impatient to know what's going to happen next. I also like some science fiction books, but they get a bit boring. Some of my favourite books are The silence of the lambs and Human Croquet.

  8. Jose Awe says:

    I don't usually read, but when I do the genre that I love is fantasy because it drives me to another kind of universe, or a different world with different rules and amazing characters.
    A very famous example is The Lord of the Rings by: J. R. R. Tolkien.

  9. Lía says:

    My favorite type of books are thriller books, I like drama and anxious situations where you feel nervous. I don't really read much but when I do I like interesting and dramatic books. If they talk about drugs, murder, teenagers and many situations where I can relate to. Not that I'm envolved in any murder situación hahaha, but what I mean is that I like reading thing that could happen now days, that's why I don't really like reading fantasy or science fiction books.

    Lía Higuera Mariño

  10. Lía says:

    I like romantic books because I think they are incredible stories that make me believe in love again. The usually are a bit fantasy because some of them are not realistic and in real life some of the things don't happen.
    Andrea Cava Perea

  11. Jose Awe says:

    Jose Manuel Ruiz Espadas

  12. Claudia says:

    My favorite genres are realistic and fantasy fiction. I love this types of books because, sometimes, I need to run away from reality. Then, I read fantasy books like "The Raven Boys" or "El legado de Olkrann" (this is Spanish). Others days, I prefer realistic books because I really like meeting situations that could happen to me, without dragons and witches. My favorite book of this type is "Twenty Questions for Gloria".
    Claudia Guillén González

  13. Unknown says:

    My favourite genre are adventure, thriller and science fiction.I like science fiction because you can Imagine and do it in this films or books. Thriller because you feel nervous and anxious un this situations. And adventure films because i like the situations of intrigue and know what's going to happen.My favourite films are battleship,Zakura....
    Raúl Alvarez Flores

  14. My favourite genre are comedy and science fiction.
    I love comedy because, I really like to imagine the actions and the dialogs between the characters , my favourite book of this genre is "Aquí cada cual con sus cosas". And I like science fiction because I like science and I like the things that happen in this type of book, my favourite book of this genre is "Doctor Who?".

  15. Suany says:

    I like all kind of book, but if i had to choose some genre, it would be thriller. I like thriller because i love trying to figure out what can happen if the characters act in one way or another, always keeping the doubt until the end.
    Suany Bidy Oseguera Ordóñez.

  16. To be honest, I'm not very into reading ''normal'' literature genres, but It is true that i enjoy reading science-fiction and fantasy books a lot when I do. I also enjoy reading drama, like my favourite book, called ''Memoirs of a Geisha''. I like how it makes me feel the situation and the same thoughts of the main character.
    I also like reading fan-fictions of original stories made by fans, or what i really enjoy reading, comics and mangas.
    Sometimes i like spending time reading documentary books as well about scientific events and so on. I found it an interesting and a nice way to relax while learning things about life.

  17. Unknown says:

    Juan Gaona Galacho
    Muy favourites gentes are thrillers, adventures, fiction science and also poetry book. I enjoy books that makes you imagine strange things and those things but i like books that makes me feel nervous and anxious. Muy favourites books are The Hunger Games, Herido Diario and Song of ice and fire.

  18. Alberto Miranda Ruiz
    My favourite genre is adventure. I love reading books about people who are lost in an island and they have to survive with the resources of the island ,like Robison crusoe.
    My favourite book of adventure's genre is the hunger games, since I read this book I fell in love with the story and the characters, it's amazing and I would recommend it to everybody.
    Also, sometimes, I read history books just for homework, but sometimes I notice that history books can be very interesting like "el lazarillo de Torres" or "la celestina".

  19. Cristina Vega Molina 1BS1
    My favourite genre is mystery, adventure and little of love. I really like this book because they let with curiosity of know what will happen in the historie, and I don't stop to reading until I finish the book. My favourite book of this genres are The perfect boy, Sherlock homes, the gold bracet... In this days, I try to get free time for read a new book "After". I don't usually read a book but whem I love one I read it and well... I recomending the people read more book because develop your imagination and pass a good time.

  20. Celia Navarro Mérida 1BS1
    My favourite genre of book is romance, adventure and fantasy because I think that is very interesting and let with intrigue.
    When I read a book and I like, I fell that I´m inside of thr history and I love this sensation because put very attention to that I read and I can´t stop to read and read all time.
    I read some book of ``Narnia´´ and is very good but now I want a book named `` five centemeters per second ´´ that is very pretty histoy for love perfect for toch yor soul.

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