What would you do if you were invisible?

If you were invisible, would you live your life differently? Think about this for a moment. If you were invisible and no one could see you no matter what you did, what would you be doing right now? What would you choose to do with the rest of your life?

Let’s take it one step further, and imagine that as well as being invisible, you have no name and no identity. Would you live your life differently if nothing that you did could ever be traced back to you? Would you still want to write that book or record that album if you couldn’t put your name on the cover?

Taking the time to think about your answers to this question will help you find balance in your life. How? It will help you align with your true purpose. Your answers will help you see where you are being of service to others, and where you are possibly wasting time trying to please your ego. Let me give you an example.

When I completed this exercise, I came to the conclusion that if I were invisible and nothing I did mattered, I would still clean and organize my home on a regular basis. Yeah – it’s kind of crazy, I know, but I would do that for my husband as well as for myself. It is very important to me for him to be comfortable in his surroundings and even though he doesn’t realize how much time, effort, and energy cooking, cleaning, laundry, and organizing the house requires, I know he would be a mess without it. (Come to think of it, I am sort of invisible in this regard – aren’t we all? But that’s another post!)

The other thing I would do if I were invisible is go around whispering in people’s ears – “You can do it!” I would be that voice that you sometimes hear when no one is around that motivates and inspires you to become your best. I would encourage everyone I could. Want to lose weight? You can do it! Want to go back to school? You can do it! Want to go for that promotion? You can do it! Want to start your own business? You can do it! Want to quit your job and stay at home with your kids? You can do it! Whatever your heart is calling you toward, you can do it!

So, in my daily efforts of writing books, speaking, preparing seminars, designing websites, etc., all of it falls into my passion and true purpose. All of the organizing, cooking, cleaning, writing, speech preparing, web designing etc. – all of it, as long as it is within the guidelines of helping and motivating others, (or myself), is time well-spent.

At the end of the session my higher self reminded me that I am not invisible, and that that is on purpose – by design of a Higher Power. I am visible so that I can motivate, educate, and inspire others to be their best and reach their full potential. It’s a good feeling to know that I am living a life, fully visible, in line with my true self.

But now it’s your turn: What would you do if you were invisible? Make a list of the things you would continue to do, and then a list of what you would no longer do. How many of the latter could you let go of now? Think about how much more freedom letting go of those things would give you to do the things that align with your true purpose. As you begin doing more of what your inner being calls you toward, you will find more things in that realm that please you. Living a life full of purpose requires that we remain true to our “invisible” selves.

Until next time,
Live Joyfully!

                                                                                                                       By Debra Moorhead

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