Appearances can be deceptive

Paul Pott, a mobile phone salesman,decides to participate in a British song contest called "Britain´s got talent". This video is about his first audition. Showing a shy personality, wearing no smart clothes, one of his teeth broken ... he is asked:
"Paul, what are you here for?"
"To sing opera", he answers.
The judges look at each other sceptically and look at him in a mocking way. Then, Paul starts singing... unbelievable!. Everybody is amazed. Watch what happens!:

The fist time I heard him singing I felt like crying. We tend to judge people by appearances but what is really important is inside the person. This humble man deserved to win the competition and he did!

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4 Responses to Appearances can be deceptive

  1. Anonymous says:

    We think that we mustn't judge people the first we see them, firstly we should know him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In our opinion,we think that appearance isn't more important than personality.You can see it in the video,because there the man proves that the first impression isn't always the best one.

    Miriam & Mª Carmen

  3. Anonymous says:

    We think that we shouldn´t to judge people by appearance but we do. Because, this man has been judged by his appearance and when they listened to him they changed their mind and they thought he was incredible

  4. samoelna says:

    In our opinion apparience is not really important. We think we have meet people first and then judge them. The was you dress up or you look don´t describe a person.
    The voice has nothing to do with physical aspect

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