On Friday morning, we had the presentations of the posters in the class.The students talked about Australia, Asturias, Benalmádena, Frigiliana, Málaga, Cuevas de San Marcos... and they gave us information about their location, main points of interest, gastronomy, festivals... They did a good job, better than, we´ll repeat the experience;  it was their first time and they were about to panic...
It can be a good way to make them practise their English... I´m happy about their outcomes.

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2 Responses to Posters

  1. Martika says:

    soy de nuevo Marta.nada decirte que me parece muy bien que pongas foto así me creo lo que dice mi hermano que haces en clase:P
    quiero foto del lector americano jeeee

  2. Bueno..quién sabe..a ver si vamos cogiendo confianza.."todo se andará".

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