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That's was very timely, writing about phonetics in my earlier posts and looking for activities, I've just come across this interesting site, very useful for improving your pronunciation.

You can hear all the sounds and follow a step by step description of how they are produced.

Come on, let's have some practice!

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I heard this song in the American series Lost, I liked it and I also had the impression that I had heard it before. Later, I learnt that this song by Petula Clark had been a hit in the 60s, yes... that was the reason why it was familiar to me, I vaguely remembered listening to it a long time ago.

This time, it is going to help us practise the diphthongs in English.

Watch the video, pay attention and change the phonetic transcription of all the words containing diphthongs into normal spelling.

- Petula Clark Lyrics

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As you already know there are twelve vowels in the English language.What about the diphthongs?. Do you know how many they are? Have a look!

Yes, you are right, there are eight diphthongs in English. Let’s practise them.

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Telephone Language

We have been practising telephone language in formal and informal situations and taking and leaving messages.
As you already know, there are expressions and vocabulary which are standard on the telphone and as you will be working as secretaries in a near furture it is important to use the phone effectively and be aware of good and bad telephone hehaviour.
Let´s watch the videos and talk about some DOs and DON'Ts over the phone!

By Noelia Moreno and Azahara Téllez

By Elena Camargo and Maribel García

By Maribel García

Thanks a lot indeed!

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