This is an activity I like doing in the first term since it allows me to get to know my students a bit better. Besides, I find it interesting to see what opinion they have about themselves, what they think they are like.
As far as I´m concerned I´m not only worried about their academic side but also about their emotional one and I believe that sometimes things would run smoother if we tried to "humanize" our classes. By asking our students for their opinions, emotions, preferences and making them feel that they can express themselves openly, we will be creating a good atmosphere where to work positively.

Thus, we will be doing our bit to optimize results and get better students :).

The activity:

- Give each student a copy of the sheet about horoscopes (see below)

- Ask them what their horoscopes are and read them aloud. Are they accurate? Discuss it with them.

- Then, individually tell them to choose those adjectives that best describe their character

All the adjectives in the horoscopes are chosen at random but students always agree with the description they give about their personality. In psychology, it is called the Barnun effect, the descriptions are so vague or general that everybody can be realistic, artistic, imaginative, sensitive...and people accept them because they find personal meaning in statements that in fact, can apply to anyone.

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