Online generation

Are we hooked on social networks ? What do you think?

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12 Responses to Online generation

  1. maribel says:

    It´s amazing how this video has made me think about how new technology and social network control people´s lifes. The reason I say this is because, at the momento, we spend a lot of time with our moviles phone or our computer talking by whatsapp or checking Facebook or other social network, looking photos to people who are our friends althougt we don´t never see them face to face.
    Nowadays nobody go out whitout their movile phone and it´s common to see friends, for example take a coffee , who don´t talk because they ´re too busy talking by whatsapp. I think it´s really sad because, how this video shows, there is a wonderful Word which we miss it because we can´t live the real life, we are too concentrate in our online life.

  2. Jezabel says:

    This video has made me reconsider on since the technology dominates our lives and really we are not conscious of it or simply we do not want to realize.
    In addition I think that on having been so hooked on the social networks, for example: facebook, twitter and especially whatsapp, we are losing opportunities in our life because only we attend to the mobile phone and we don't attend to the person that we have opposite or to the person that speaking this one to us. Because of it every time it is more unusual to see a friends' meeting where the mobile phone isn't used or connected to any social network. Finally I think taht we should ignore a bit the social network and we should put more attention to the people who surround us.

  3. Everyone of us have a social network, a facebook account or maybe a twitter account. Nowdays it seems usual and I think social networks have some aventages. You can found people with similar interestings.
    The worst part of this it's when you can't live without them.
    Social networks has changed society.
    The change could be good but we use them without sense.

  4. elisabeth says:

    I think the video reflects well the reality that is happening now, today we spent many hours looking at social networking and communicating with people who do not see and this is causing us to lose direct contact with other people who insignificant moments we lose yet great value for being aware of a single screen, and unfortunately both meetings with friends, family, etc ... is no longer values ​​every day are more of us who are hooked to internet and different applications etc.

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  6. Unfortunately, this video shows the actual truth about internet
    We do not realize but increasingly we are more dependent on electrical devices, having the need to look at every moment our mobile.
    Very sad to see a reunion of friends that nobody talks about and everyone is with your mobile in hands.
    In addition, children increasingly use new technologies sooner rather than go outside to play stay at home playing mobile.
    I think that we should not allow.
    I hope that in the near future be able to let go a little mobile.

  7. Inés says:

    I think Internet makes communication easier. I mean, you can make friends fastly, know their tastes and have a conversation with people who are not by your side. Well, everybody knows all that... But the video shows the way we use this tool and how we can see, not only at the video, everyday we notice the Internet is like a addiction.
    Not forget that Internet is just a tool, please. I don't brook to imagine a future where people only talk through their mobiles phone.. even when they are side by side!!
    Unfortunately, is not a hypothetical future, I see that situation many times when I am with my friends..

    In my opinion, I think most of people use Internet like a way to create a new person, the person who they really want to be. That's the reason why Internet is so attrative.

  8. Nearly 81% of population uses Whatsapp, 96% of people use Facebook, that is only a percentage to prove that day to day the people are more hooked to social networks, as today all information need we can get on the internet and the information only no because we can comunicate with the other people who are 800kms or the other part of the world, wheter they are chinese or french, so we can a thousend of people and we can talk to these people as if we the room; theses creat in us an addiction to be constantly alert to mobile, computer or ipad. People are more aware of who gives likes her photos or if that person read the text message that the person next to him, If so now imagine how our future will be in 20 years...

  9. I agree with this video. We are hooked on social because a lot of people has smarthphone with whatsapp, facebook, twitter or other applications, and we spend a lot of time in this, and we fail to take advantage to contact with interesting people or our friends.
    In opposition, I also think that the social network allow us to access to the information so fast, and it helps to support the contact with people who don't live in the same city or country.
    In conclusion, I think the social networks have good part and bad part, the most important is to be able to use them.

  10. Jezabel says:
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  11. I think it´s true that we are hooked on social networks. We started the youngest but gradually older people hooked too.In my opinion, the worst problem are smartphones that allows you connect to the internet 24 hours a day, also has a positive part, because you can access to information and news faster.I think it has many advantages and disadvantages, and that social networks have marked a time but like all will go out of style.

  12. Marcos says:

    When I first watched this video, it really made me think deep about how hooked we are, particularly on smartphones. When I meet my friends, some of them usually spend the evening immersed into their phones, as though they were more keen on talking to someone else. To be honest, I don't mind if one or two of them are using their phones or chatting with whomever, but what really drives me up the wall is to meet just one friend and find that he or she ignores me because of their "interesting" Whatsapp conversations. That's really annoying but they don't seem to realize or even to mind about it.

    I think that we are so hooked on social networks beacause of our need of belonging, that's is, we find that active participation in social networks is necessary to decrease feelings of social rejection and feel that we belong to a group. So, Internet has become the perfect tool to get this aim because we can express ourselves as we really are or as we would like to be.

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