Banksy street art

"A new artwork by Banksy criticising the use of teargas in the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais has appeared on the French embassy in London. 

The artwork, which depicts a young girl from the film and musical Les Misérables with tears in her eyes as CS gas billows towards her, appeared overnight on Saturday. 

In a first for the elusive graffiti artist, the artwork is interactive and includes a stencilled QR code beneath. If viewers hold their phone over the code, it links them to an online video of a police raid on the camps on 5 January.

The work is the latest in a series of pieces by the graffiti artist criticising Europe’s handling of the ongoing refugee crisis. It is a direct comment on the recent attempts by French authorities to bulldoze part of the camp in Calais – which has now been deemed unsafe – and evict about 1,500 refugees..." 

                                                                                                                  From The Guardian

Now, answer the following questions:

1. What is art? What makes art, Art?
2. How do you know if a work of art is good?
3. Is Graffiti Art?
4. Who is your favourite artist? Why?

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24 Responses to Banksy street art

  1. Nacho says:

    NACHO 1bs1

    1. Art is the expression of feelings through different ways, usually in order to create beauty.
    2. In my opinion, an artwork is good when the author’s feelings are transmitted, so if I can feel what the artist felt in the moment of the creation, it’s a good artwork.
    3. Of course, I consider it as any other artistic expression. What’s the difference between a graffiti and a canvas? I think that graffiti is a more rebellious way of expressing thoughts as it is exposed to everybody because they are usually displayed on the street.
    4. That’s very hard to answer but I think I would say Frida Kahlo, because she wasn’t afraid of speaking her mind out and fighting for women’s rights. I also think that her art is very strong because you can feel her pain and her joy when you look at her artworks.

  2. Elisa S. says:

    ELISA 1BC.

    1. Is a material form of expression. The feelings we experience when we see a masterpiece is what makes art, Art.
    2. I think it is completely subjective. Most of the times is related to the feelings it transmit or to the technique.
    3. Yes, definitely. It is just a different way of expression. A lot of people are against graffiti because they think it gives a bad "reputation" to the streets, but they are as awesome as a picture on a museum.
    4. As an art lover it is not easy to pick just one, but I would say Van Gogh. It may sound cliche, but I love the way he used the colours to reproduce his feelings. I also think is really sad the fact that he died before getting famous. His talent wasn't recognized until he died, but he never stopped painting even when he was poor.

  3. 1. Art is a way a person can express his feeling, it may be by pictures, drawing or music
    2. If it is popular, or has a great way to get lost thinkings of it.
    3. On the one hand i think grafitti is art because is just a different way to express feelings, but on the other hand I think graffiti is not art, it's vandalism and destruction of other people's property.
    4. My favourite artist is Picasso because, I love his picture, and I feel identificate with them, also Picasso was born in my city.


    1. Art is the expression of how each person feels the world. When an artist gets transmite feelings with his/her work of art, make art, Art.
    2. An artwork is good when the author gets you have feelings when you wacth it or listen it.
    3. Yes, because it is one of the ways of express feelings and I think that people who do grafittis feel free of express their point of view about reality or their thinkings. But it is a rebel way of expression and out of the common.
    4. I think that my favourite artist is Ed Sheeran who is singer, because his songs make me feel happy and I feel identificate with some of them.

  5. 1. for me, art is an extension of the soul of the artist. when you see the works you can empathize with the feelings of the artist
    2. when you see it you know wich message send the artist
    3. yes, is another way to express our feelings
    4. van gogh, for him way to see the world and him way to paint

  6. 1. Art is something done by a person which meaning is beauty and to exprress his/her feelings.
    2. In my opinion, a piece of art is good when it transmits us feels, although it is very personal.
    3. Yes, graffiti is a way to express yourself, although many people consider it negative and it is illegal.
    4. My fauvorite artist is Leonardo Da Vinci because he painted the 'Mona Lisa'. Also I really like his technique of painting and how he used the colours.

    1. I think that art is a way to express your feelings and a lot of things about the things that are around you by using pictures, graffitis, music...
    2. From my point of view a work of art is good when the author send you a message by this work about his feelings and you get this message when you see the work of art.
    3. Yes, graffiti is art because is a way to express the feelings that you have but is a strange way of do it and some people related graffiti with violence but for me yes graffiti is art and it´s one of my favourites kind of art.
    4. My favourite artist is Paco de Lucía because for me is the best guitarrist of all the times and I really like his work because if you close I eyes and I listen one of his songs I can feel a lot of things, only listening the guitar.


    1.For me, art is a way to express your feelings or ideas, triying to transmit something to others people. We can find art in a lot of things and places not only in paints and museums.
    2.In my opinion, a good artwork is which make you feel something and you can understand the message of the author.
    3.Yes, it is. Graffiti is other way to express yourself although some people think the otherwise or it is something bad.
    4.My favourite artist is Beyonce who is singer, because her songs and her voice transmits me good feels and I am happy when I listen her music.

    1. Art is a way to show your feelings or your point of view about the universe using different techniques. The ability to make the spectator feel emotional is what makes art, Art.
    2. In my opinion a work of art is good when I exactly feel the same emotions that the artist wanted to express.
    3. Yes, I consider graffiti art because is another different way to show your ideas but I totally agree with its illegal state because I think that it spoil our streets. If you want to paint a graffiti, go to the outskirts of the city, not to the city's walls.
    4. I have a long list of favourite artists but I would choose Yann Tiersen, a famous composer. I consider really good masterpieces all of his soundtracks.
    His instrumental songs can completely change a person's mood so I personally believe that this is hard to get, but he always achieve it.

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  11. Juan Gavilán Frenández 1BS1
    1.Art is a way to express your opinion about something and your feelings or to create beauty. It may be by pictures, paintings, music, dance…
    Art is art when it transmits you a feeling or it makes you think about something.
    2.Art is very subjective, from my point of view a work of art is good when I like it and impress me.
    3.In my opinion, graffiti is art because it is another way to express your opinion and feelings about something. In fact, I think is a very good way to make art because it is on the streets, so a lot of people can watch it and maybe make them thinking. But the problem of this kind of art is vandalism. There are a minority that make vandalism acts in name of “Graffiti” and for this reason there are a lot of people who is against it and want to eliminate it.
    4.My favourite artist is Dani Martín. He is a Spanish singer and he is my favourite artist because his songs are very thought-provoking and soothing.

    1.Art is a way of expressing your feelings,When we understand that transmits us.
    2.When we understand the message that artist transmit.
    3.Of course,it is a way of exprecion
    4.My favourite artist is Flo Rida,a famous singer,his songs transmits good feels.

    1.I believe that art is a way to express feelings or to give a vision of the world, real or imaginary. The art can be found in a painting or music.
    2.In my opinión, an artwork is good depending on the point of view of the people. Maybe to someone a work is good but not for another.
    3.I think so. It is another way for express feelings but it is a stronger way so that people may not like it and say it is not art
    4.My favorite artist or in this case musical group, is Estopa because I feel indentificate with his lyrics and I love all their songs.

  14. Juan Alberto Díaz 1BS1

    1. I think that art is a way to convey what we feel and what we want to transmit.
    2. In my opinion, a work of art is good when the author is able to transmit a message, your feelings...
    3. Yes, because it is another form of art, and and many people expresses itself with graffit.
    4. My favorite artist is Sia, because with his music expresses his feelings and I can feel what she wants to transmit.

  15. 1.I consider that art is a way to express feelings.I think the art is art when someone can express his feelings and people can understand it.
    2.From my point of view a work of art is good when the author's feelings are transmitted.It is very subjective because for some people can be art something that for other people it is not.
    3.In my opinion, graffiti is art because is a good way of express feelings and they can be understood by the people who see it.
    4.My favourite artist is Pablo Alboran because he is a singer and songwriter who sings very well and express his feelings with his music, these feelings are transmitted perfectly for me.


    1. Well, I think art is any kind of expression that get to transmit the feelings of the author. In my opinion the `thing´ that makes art, art is that just a photo or a song makes you feel happy, sad, etc.
    2. Nobody can say if a work is good or bad because this is very subjective. A song, for example can be fantastic or awful, it depends on the person that listen it.
    3. Of course, I think that sometimes a good graffiti can be better than a work of a famous painter. Some people consider graffiti vandalism because when they think about it, they imagine just a name painted on a wall but a good graffiti can be awesome.
    4. It´s a difficult choice because I really like a lot of singers or groups but, I think that my favourite singer, at least for now, is Sharif because his music makes me feel peaceful.


    1. Art is the way to express your feelings, thoughts and emotions, which can be singing, dancing or painting. I think what makes art, Art, is the ability to transmit these emotions and to have freedom of thought.

    2. In my opinion, a work can be good or bad depending on each person, is a subjective opinion.

    3. Of course, instead of expressing their feelings in a painting, the artist makes it in a wall and using a spray. In addition, it is also a way to give color to a street, it's urban art.

    4. My favorite artist is Justin Bieber, because with his songs he transmitted what he feels in every moment. He has a variety of styles and songs make me dance.

  18. 1. In my opinion, art is a way of expression feelings and transmits sensations to the person who sees it. And the types of art can be the differents ways like lyrics of music, pictures, paintings,...
    2. I think that a work of art is good when the artist tries transmit sensations through a painting, a picture...And makes that people understand which through of a painting, picture...
    3. Yes, because the graffiti is a street art and is other way of expresión. Also can be transmit feelings through of a word or even a letter. It's very interesting art to see.
    4. My favourite artist is the painter Salvador Dalí because the pictures are very differents than the others painters. I loved it the colours that he used because are very colorfuls and transmits feelings differents because the pictures not are very normal but I love this way.
    Ana María Rodríguez 1BS1

  19. Jose Díaz 1BC

    1. I think art is a creative activity that transforms and combines materials, images or sounds.
    2. A work of art is good when you can see the feeling or the idea of the artist in his work of art.
    3. In my opinion, graffiti is art because you can express feelings or ideas as well.
    4. My favourite artist is Rihanna because her music makes me energetic and self-confident.

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  21. Cynthia Vílchez 1BS1

    1. In my opinion, Art is a way to express your feelings. Artists can show it by a photography, a painting, a film, a song... There are many ways to express feelings.

    2. It is really subjective, I mean each person can considere it in different ways. For example, I think that a work of art is good because it causes me emotions.

    3. Yes, of course. I really think it is Art, I love what they paint on the wall, but I have to say that I don't like when they paint on the street's walls which can be seen, because it is ugly for the city.

    4. My favourite artist is Michael Jackson, I really think he is a big artist. He is a big legend of the music. He left us a perfect legacy with his songs and moves.

  22. 1. For me art is everything that shows a feeling or that makes you feel something when you see it. In my opinion if a picture or something makes you feel different it is art.
    2. From my point of view any piece of art is good if that piece makes you feel something, but for me maybe graffiti is art because I like it, but maybe it is not art for someone else.
    3. I think Graffiti is art, in fact is one of my favourite expressions of art because it is street art and they always make me think.
    4. My favourites artist are Banksy, I love Bansky since the day that my teacher of drawing showed us one of his graffiti and I have been following his graffiti since then because of his way of being revolutionary and unique showing the bad things that happen in the world and making people concerned, and Van Gogh, because he had a really difficult life but he used a lot of beautiful colours to express what he was feeling and seeing and I love so much all his paintings.

  23. 1. Art is a kind of expression for transmit your feels. For me, art is all what makes you feel good, like music, paint, dance...
    2. It depends on the things that you like because, for example, if you do not like music you will think that a song is bad. But if you feel what the artist want to transmit with his/her piece of art this one is a good piece of art.
    3. Of course, graffiti is like paint but in the street. A lot of people think that is a vandalism because it dirties the streets but not all of graffiti are bad pieces of art.
    4. This is a difficult decision but I think that Picasso is my favourite artist because his paints and his sculptures are fantastic and makes me feel very comfortable.

  24. Teras OP says:

    1: art is a way of expressing how we feel by painting, drawing or even singing.

    2: we can say a painting, drawing ... is good if we can understand the messages the paintor,author is trying to tell us.

    3:for me grafiti is art, as its just another way of artists expressing what they feel.

    4:my favourite artist has to be picaso as most of his painting have a meaning which is always interesting to try to find out.

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