Ideas for compositions

1- Importance of shopping /fashion/ trends/ society today/ spending a lot of money on unnecessary things.
2- People are worried about their appearance/ insecurity/ pressure on society.
3- Who do you go shopping with? Friends/on your own.
4- What is the best way to shop? online, in supermarkets,department stores, second-hand shops?
5- Do teenagers prefer to buy new goods or second-hand items?
6- Shops use selling techniques to make customers buy more than they planned.
7- Are teenagers obsessed with fashion?.

1- Are you materialistic?.
2- Is being materialistic a good thing?.
3- Why do you think others are materialistic?.
4- How important is appearance to you?.
5- If you were an employer and about to interview someone, would you give the job to someone in a Dior suit or a Primark suit?.
6- Do the clothes we wear suggest anything to us?.
7- Is it fair that people are judged by what they wear?.
8- Does the price of clothes say anything about the person wearing it?
9- Why do you think some brands are more expensive than others?
10-  Do you care for the quality of the clothing when you purchase it? What is important to teenagers when buying clothes? quality/ comfort/ latest style/ price...
11- What makes something fashionable?
12- Can you buy style?

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