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Obedience to authority

 The Stanley Milgram Experiment was created to explain some of the concentration camp horrors of the World War 2, where Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs and other enemies of the state were slaughtered by Nazis.
  Do as you’re told
Many war-criminals claimed they were merely following orders and could not be held responsible for their actions, in the trials following the World War 2.
Were the Germans in fact evil and cold-hearted, or is this a group phenomenon which could happen to anyone, given the right conditions?

For further information:
Simply Psychology
Unbelievable, isn't it?

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Ideas for compositions

1- Importance of shopping /fashion/ trends/ society today/ spending a lot of money on unnecessary things.
2- People are worried about their appearance/ insecurity/ pressure on society.
3- Who do you go shopping with? Friends/on your own.
4- What is the best way to shop? online, in supermarkets,department stores, second-hand shops?
5- Do teenagers prefer to buy new goods or second-hand items?
6- Shops use selling techniques to make customers buy more than they planned.
7- Are teenagers obsessed with fashion?.

1- Are you materialistic?.
2- Is being materialistic a good thing?.
3- Why do you think others are materialistic?.
4- How important is appearance to you?.
5- If you were an employer and about to interview someone, would you give the job to someone in a Dior suit or a Primark suit?.
6- Do the clothes we wear suggest anything to us?.
7- Is it fair that people are judged by what they wear?.
8- Does the price of clothes say anything about the person wearing it?
9- Why do you think some brands are more expensive than others?
10-  Do you care for the quality of the clothing when you purchase it? What is important to teenagers when buying clothes? quality/ comfort/ latest style/ price...
11- What makes something fashionable?
12- Can you buy style?

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Banksy street art

"A new artwork by Banksy criticising the use of teargas in the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais has appeared on the French embassy in London. 

The artwork, which depicts a young girl from the film and musical Les Misérables with tears in her eyes as CS gas billows towards her, appeared overnight on Saturday. 

In a first for the elusive graffiti artist, the artwork is interactive and includes a stencilled QR code beneath. If viewers hold their phone over the code, it links them to an online video of a police raid on the camps on 5 January.

The work is the latest in a series of pieces by the graffiti artist criticising Europe’s handling of the ongoing refugee crisis. It is a direct comment on the recent attempts by French authorities to bulldoze part of the camp in Calais – which has now been deemed unsafe – and evict about 1,500 refugees..." 

                                                                                                                  From The Guardian

Now, answer the following questions:

1. What is art? What makes art, Art?
2. How do you know if a work of art is good?
3. Is Graffiti Art?
4. Who is your favourite artist? Why?

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