Film review: Chocolat

 Film review:

Chocolat is a movie from 2000 starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. It's a drama and a romance movie.

It's about a woman named Vianne who moves to a French village with her daughter in 1959. She opens a chocolate shop (Chocolaterie) where she makes and sells all kinds of chocolates, from chocolate cake to hot chocolate.
They're not exactly welcomed with open arms, since they're both atheists, and most people in the village are Christian.
She meets her love interest, Roux, when he and his crew sail to the village and decide to stay there for a bit.

I liked the film, but I probably wouldn't watch it again. I liked most of the characters, but I disliked that Roux was barely in it.
I recommend watching it, but you shouldn't watch it with and empty stomach, because you'll get hungry from all the chocolate showed in the film.


 (By Lucinda Aguilar Nukari. 1º Bach)

Film review:

Chocolat is a film about drama and romance. It's set in a small french village called Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in the year 1959. It tells the story of Vianne and her daughter Anouk. They moved on to the village and opened up a chocolate shop, which caused the alteration of the morality of the community. 

Vianne is a kind woman who gives chocolate to the residents. The chocolate is so unique that people go again and buy more because of the effect that it makes on them. Josephine is an unlucky woman who is helped by Vianne and she works on the chocolate shop together. Roux is a handsome pirate who arrives in the village and he is attracted to Vianne. Armande is the grandmother of Luck and she goes frequently to the chocolate shop. People try to kick Vianne out of the village. But she continues making chocolate. She was going to leave the village but finally she stayed. 

From my point of view, I liked the meaning of the film because I saw myself reflected in Vianne. Also, I liked the acting. I heartily recommend it.

 (By Claudia Aguilar Santana. 1º Bach)

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Health and illness

Watch the video and answer the questions below. 

- When was the last time you got ill?
- What can you do to live a healthy life and never get sick?

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What makes you happy?

Watch the videos and answer the questions below.


 It's your turn now, what makes you happy? 


What about you? Do you express your gratitute? Do you appreciate what you have around you or do you take it for granted? Take a moment to reflect on the things, big and small, for which you are grateful and let me know. 

Leave your opinion in the comments, please.

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Dark Tourism

By Daniela Agüera, Vanessa Casquero, Laura Fernández, Alejandra Martín and Lucía Sanchidrián.

Congrats on your presentation and thanks for letting me share it with us!. Well done!:)

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Are insects the food of the future?

Watch the video and answer the questions below. 


 a) Human eating insects is not a new thing according to the video. Why?

b) What does the United Nations say about insects?

c) Why should more people be eating insects?

d) Why are insects better for the environment?

e) Why doesn't the Western world eat insects? Mention just one reason.

f) From an environmental point of view, why are insects so good, according to the woman working at the insect farm? (Mention two)

g) What did the man in the video eat ? Did he like it? What did he say about it?

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