Pure Intuition by Shakira

This video is about women as sex objects. Shakira, wearing a black corset, a purple wig, black stockings and suspenders and high heels, is just concerned about looking attractive and very sexy. She puts some make up on her and uses perfume.. We can see her holding a guitar she doesn´t play and being near a car she doesn´t drive... she is wrapped in plastic and moves like a robot... the other women appearing in the different scenes are all alike, no difference between them, no personality ,no intelligence, no feelings just nodding their heads repeatedly... as though they were accepting the inevitable...

Shakira and Pure Intuition

I would like to thank José Luis for sending me such a great link in which as well as being able to create your own quizzes it´s also an interesting site for ESL learners.

(If you have problems viewing the quiz, try with a different browser or go to http://eslvideo.com/view_quiz.php?id=163)

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3 Responses to Pure Intuition by Shakira

  1. spouse says:

    mmmmmmm it`s really fantastic, congrats.

  2. Thanks, Spouse.I´m glad you like it.

  3. JLG says:

    Hi, megacompi.

    ¿Sabes que te citan en http://blog.yalocin.com/?p=121?

    Definitivamente, he ayudado a crear un monstruo. ^_^

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